Government: Features, Scope Of Government And Functions

The essential attributes or features or characteristics of government means what government is made of, what you see in a government tha can make one say yes, this is a good government, Such attributes are:
1. Political Power:
This is ability to control and enforce decisions. The government possesses exclusive authority (political will) which helps the government to carry out the function effectively.
2. A Body Of Law: These are laws embodied in a constitution which helps the government to regulate the activities and behaviours of citizens.
3. Personnels: This refers to the people that carry out government functions such as the public/civil servants. They make, execute and interpret laws and punish offenders.
4. Revenue: This refers to the financial resources (money) used to provide services to the people and renumerate public servants.
5. Public Supports: This is the support from the citizens of the state to make up the existence of the government legal and effective functioning.
6. Welfare Or Social Services: This refers to the provision of amenities such as hospitals, school electricity, pipe-borne water, good road etc to the citizens aimed at improving their welfare and standard of living.
Functions Of Government
The function of government are as follows:
1. Law Making: Government make laws to regulate conduct in society. This function is performs by the legislative which can also amend or repair such laws.
2. Maintenance Of Law And Order: It is the duty of government to maintain law and order. The executive arm of government carries out this function through the established of police force and the law courts.
3. Policy Formulation: Government is responsible for formulating policies and carrying them out for good governance.
4. Protection Of Life And Property: It is the duty of the government to protect the life and property of the citizens through the police and law court.
5. Defence: The government established well equiped armed personnels to defend the courts from internal enemies and the protection of its integrity.
6. Administration Of Justice: The government maintains the law court for dispensation of justice and protection of individual and group rights.
7. Provision Of Social Amenities: It is the duty of government to provide social amenities.