General Responsibilities And Characteristics Of A Host/Hostess And A Guest

General Responsibilities/Characteristics Of A Host/Hostess
Some of these responsibilities are also part of the preparations already discussed. A good host or hostess should be able to:
1. Decide on the type of the party to give and discuss with the family.
2. Plan the party thoughtfully and prepare in advance.
3. Decide on:
i. The date of the party.
ii. The number of people to invite.
iii. The kinds of food to serve.
iv. The activities of the party.
4. Some invitation letters to guests well in advance. This is to enable them make plans to attend your party.
5. Plan the menu and activities for the party.
6. Make a comprehensive shopping list.
7. Shop wisely.
8. Clean and decorate your home for the party.
9. Get dressed and ready to receive guests before they arrive.
10. Get everything ready before time.
11. Welcome guests as they arrive and take them to their seats.
12. Introduce guests to each other and your parents. An introduction helps strangers to feel at ease.
13. Involve all guests in the activities (e.g. Dancing, games, etc.). Help the shy guests to get involved in activities without embarrassing them.
14. Serve food smartly and ensure that each guest has enough.
15. Be friendly, warm and enthusiastic.
16. Lead and encourage conservation but do not monopolize it. A host/hostess should be able to communicate easily with people.
17. At the end of the party see guests off to the door and thank them for attending.
Responsibilities Of A Guest
A good guest is as necessary to the success of a party as a skillful host/hostess. Whenever you accept an invitation to a party, you have the following responsibilities:
1. Reply to the invitation to a party. Accept as soon as possible. Or let the host know at once if you cannot attend.
2. Dress properly for the party.
3. Do not be late for the party.
4. Cooperate with the host/hostess.
5. Treat other guest in a friendly way.
6. Take part in all the activities planned by the host/hostess.
7. Do not misbehave during the party.
8. Respect the host/hostess and other guests.
9. Do not engage in long private conversation.
10. When the party is over, thank the host and go home.

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