Full List And Locations Of Best Car Dealers In Nigeria

Full List And Locations Of Best Car Dealers In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, almost everyone wants to own a car. Getting a car isn’t an issue, but you must be careful to get from the best car dealers around to avoid stories in the future. When you consider the stress of jumping from one commercial vehicle or the other or the heat of the Sun on some challenging days, plus the high cost of transportation, owning a car or the thought of it isn’t far-fetched.

The difference between these car dealers and the trusted online car-selling websites in Nigeria is that they deal with buyers offline and are expensive compared to their online counterparts.

This article aims to broaden your knowledge of the best places to get quality cars and enjoy value for money.

Below are the top ten best car dealers in Nigeria in no particular order


  • Lanre Shittu

Lanre Shittu Motors is very popular in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. If you need quality cars that last longer, you should think of Lanre Shittu Motors. For the past 15 years, Lanre Shittu Motors has been in the business of delivering excellent cars, and their prices are affordable.

Lanre Shittu Motors tops our list of Nigeria’s top automobile dealers. Besides selling cars, they supply spare parts to various car dealers in the country. This company should be your best bet if you are looking for sedan vehicles, trucks, buses, KIA, Toyota Corolla or Camry, etc.

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Lanre Shittu Motors’ head office is at No. 15, Alhaji Token Street, Alaka Estate, Funso Williams Avenue, Surulere, Lagos. You can also find them in places like Port Harcourt, Ilorin, and Abuja. Their website is www.lanreshittu.com, and you can reach out to them for car prices at their mail at [email protected].

  • Elizade Motors

If you’re looking for the best Toyota cars, then think of Elizade motors. Elizade is another leading automobile sales private company in Nigeria and a brand partner with Toyota cars. So, next time you need to purchase that ‘tear rubber’ Toyota car, Elizade motors should be your next stop.

The owner of Elizade Motors is Chief Michael Adeojo, and he founded the company in 1968. You can see their office branches around major cities in Nigeria. The head office of Elizade Motors is at 322A, Elizade Plaza, Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria, and their website is www.elizade.net. To contact them, send an email to this company at [email protected].

  • Coscharis Motors

Coscharis motors are part of the Coscharis group of companies and have, over the years, become a household name in the car dealing business. Coscharis motors are a trusted company so when next you want a new car, just go to the nearest Coscharis motors office near you.

Full List And Locations Of Best Car Dealers In Nigeria

Over time, Coscharis Motors have been recognized as a top car dealer in Nigeria as they are trusted in their dealings of car sales. If you want to purchase a brand new vehicle or foreign used tokunbo automobiles, then Coscharis Motors can offer you the ease of smoothly purchasing your desired car.

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Coscharis Motors is also a popular brand among Nigerians. Top car brands like BMW, Ford, Renault, and SUVs have deals with this company. They also have showrooms in states like Kano, Lagos, Gombe, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Ekiti, Uyo, Enugu, etc. Their head office is at KM 32, Lekki – Epe Expressway, Awoyaya, Lagos, Nigeria. Their website is www.coscharisgroup.net

  • Globe Motors

Globe Motors is also a company you can trust regarding quality cars and affordable prices. They deal specifically with car brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW, etc.

Globe Motor is also a dealer of government commuter buses in Lagos, aka BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Their website is www.globemotors.ng

  • Carmudi

Carmudi sells cars online, and they are trusted to deliver quality. Their range of car brands is diverse, and their prices are affordable. Cardi has since been bought by Jumia Nigeria (a top e-commerce digital store and classified website in Nigeria).

Their website is www.carmudi.com.ng

  • Cheki

Cheki is also an online car dealer. They are like an outsourcing firm for car dealers and have a wide range of car brands. Cars on Cheki are verified, and prices are affordable.

Their website is www.cheki.com.ng

  • Affordable Cars

At Affordable cars, you get the best of cars that you want. So when next you need some speed, visit Affordable Cars.

Their website is www.affordablecarsng.com

  • Banx Motors

Banx motors offer cool prices for their cars. And their customer feedback is excellent; even their fairly used cars are indeed first-grade ones. While they may not be as popular as other Nigerian car dealers, you can patronize them as they are also a leading good car sales company that sells quality vehicles.

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Car dealers

This can be seen in customers given positive reviews via their feedback about the quality of Banix motor cars. Their website is www.banixgroup.com

  • Kefiano Autos

Kefiano Autos provides customers with a wide range of vehicle choices. They deal with car brands from Mercedes to Toyota, Peugeot, Honda, etc. Quit delaying and visit Kefiano Autos for the best cars out there.

Their website is www.kefianoautos.com

  • Tejude Motors

Tejude motors offer a wide range of varieties. Their cars are affordable, with arguably the lowest prices of used cars in Nigeria. Be informed that their new and used cars are verified for optimum performance. Tejude Motors’ head office is located at 299 Ikorodu Road in Lagos State.

So when next you want to purchase your dream car, any of the cars above dealers will do.

Map showing the location of top best car dealers in Nigeria


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