Free Quick Online Bible Courses With Certificate Of Completion

The Bible is one of the most influential texts ever written. The Bible is an amazing book that contains wisdom and should be read by everyone, even non-Christians. Being a Christian will make your studies even more enjoyable. You’re reading the text that gave birth to it all.

Online courses are a great way to learn about the Bible. Online courses are convenient because they don’t take up too much of your time. Online courses are convenient because you don’t need to be present at classes, and there is no time limit.

You might have a full-time job or need to be close to your family to care for a loved one. Some people don’t enjoy traveling that much to and fro their university because it takes up a lot of time.

All of these problems can be solved by online courses. Connect to the course website and start watching the lectures online. You can pause or rewind the videos if you have missed important information.

Many colleges offer free online Bible courses. While many colleges will issue a certificate to prove your attendance, others will charge for transcripts.

The courses don’t only teach you what is written in the Bible. These courses will give you the tools to fully comprehend and read the Scriptures. You will better understand the philosophy and why religion is so important to humans as a species.

Continue reading to see a list of free online Bible courses that include a certificate of completion.

What can you do with a Bible Course Certificate Certificate?

You don’t need a certificate from a bible school if you only have a certificate of completion. This degree will not allow you to open doors for employment that weren’t previously available. You’ll still be able to transfer your skills to other jobs.

Studying the Bible, for example, requires a lot more writing and reading. You’ll be able to succeed as an editor/writer if you do the hard work.

Most private Christian schools do not require a degree in a particular field. If you’re a good fit, they might let you teach classes with only a few courses.

Free Quick Online Bible Courses With Certificate Of Completion

However, studying the Bible doesn’t give you any advantages in the real world. It shouldn’t, at least not. The Bible will give you a better understanding of the spiritual world and help you to strengthen your relationship with God.

Spiritual wealth is more valuable than its physical counterpart. It will be very rewarding to embark on a Bible study journey.

This course will teach you about the history of western civilization and the influence of Christianity on our society today after over 2000 years.

How to Choose the Right Course

This list was compiled using many factors.

The Curriculum

While some institutes provide a complete Bible education, others offer smaller courses. Depending on your interests, choosing one will determine what course to take.

A smaller course can be an excellent introduction to Bible study. You might be just beginning to understand Christianity and the Bible, or you want to learn how to read the Bible.

Others are interested in becoming a minister or furthering their religious studies. They prefer to take more in-depth courses.

Certificate/Transcript Price

Yes, we do. Although the title says “free online Bible classes,” I’m not surprised. Sometimes you will need to pay a fee to receive your certificate.

Editor’s Note: The courses are free; the money is only needed if you want your certificate/transcript. Some courses do not require that you pay for your course.


These online Bible courses are free and open to all who want to learn more about Christianity and the Bible. These courses are a great way to get a solid foundation in theology if you’re looking to be a missionary or minister.

Bible classes are most beneficial to those with full-time jobs or limited time and travel. It takes time to go to class, so you must be there when it is convenient.

All the courses in this article can be accessed online. These courses can be accessed whenever and wherever you like.

These are the 8 best free online Bible courses.

You can find dozens of free online Bible classes. Some are more extensive than others. This list includes the top ones.

1. Christian Leaders Institute’s Courses

This online Bible class is the best. The entire course is free with your transcripts included, provided that you have passed the Christian Leader Basics preliminary class (also free).

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their theological knowledge or become a minister. It will prepare you to be a minister of faith. It’s amazing!

You can be sure that the college is accredited. The college offers a high-quality education and a real curriculum, all free.

This is an excellent choice for active Christians or ministers, whether you’re a volunteer, part-time or full-time. There are courses for everyone. Let’s suppose you want to be a Christian Wedding Officiant. You can take a course that will award you a certificate.

The Christian Leaders Institute offers more than 100 courses for free that help you learn more about God, Christianity, and the Church.

Review the incredible offer from the institute and then sign up for the most appealing courses. The courses are available at no cost and have no time restrictions. Find what interests you most, and then jump in.

2. International Seminary for Distance Education offers courses

ISDET is an institute that offers low-cost online education to everyone. Once you have enrolled, you only need to pay a small fee, and you are done.

You do not need to be a student to enroll in this program. All you have to do is complete enough schooling to be eligible for any undergraduate program. You don’t have to be 21 or older to apply for this course. The school may make exceptions.

These are the three bachelor programs that are available to students:

  • BTH (Bachelor in Bible Theology).
  • BMin (Bachelor of Christian Ministry).
  • BRE (Bachelor of Biblical Religious Education).

The school provides all materials at no cost. There is also no tuition. A small registration fee will be charged. Then, a small amount when you graduate to cover your certificates’ printing and shipping costs. That’s it.

3. World Bible School’s Courses

World Bible School offers a variety of courses on Christianity, including the Bible.

The Bible is the best course, covering 10 topics. It also discusses the Scripture, the Way of Faith, and the Good News. You can even read the entire sacred text and understand it yourself.

The institute also offers courses on the Prophets, Jesus, Life, Family, and many other topics. These topics are all of great interest to anyone looking for a Christian education.

The World Bible School offers all courses for free with a certificate.

Online lessons are easy to access. Or, if you prefer, you can send printed books via post. You can choose from four languages to learn the course: English, French, and Spanish.

WorldBibleSchool’s greatest problem is not being accredited. A diploma or degree is not possible. It is not in the business or traditional education to teach people the ways God has commanded them.

While you still receive a certificate proving that you have completed the course, don’t assume that people will take it seriously, especially if they aren’t familiar with WorldBibleSchool.

4. Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy

This course is an excellent introduction to religion. Although it is not about Christianity or the Bible, this course can be a great introduction to religion.

This course has a lot to offer regarding teaching the pros and cons of learning about religions via their scriptures. It is very relevant to reading and understanding the Bible.

This course is great for people who don’t understand religion but want to learn more without committing to one.

You can audit the course for free, but you will need to pay $99. However, if you would like a certificate of completion, you will have to pay $99. The certificate is not valid in this instance. You are here to learn about religions and their meanings.

5. Bold Christian University’s Degree Programmes

Bold Christian University is an unusual case. Although it calls itself a university and offers degrees, it is not an accredited school. Although I don’t mind it, I don’t believe a government should be able to tell religious institutions what to do. However, it is important to know.

The institute offers three-degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Christian Evangelism
  • Master of Christian Evangelism
  • Doctor of Christian Evangelism

Everything about Christianity will be covered: Literature, Sociology, and Evangelism. Look no further if you’re looking for a completely free degree program that will give you a thorough understanding of Christianity’s history and literature. Bold Christian University has you covered.

It is, as the name implies, a bold university. It’s hard to miss that. Much love and devotion went into creating the website and the materials. If you are convinced that Christendom is your path, I recommend attending. You can also look into other programs that are more neutral.

6. Trinity International Theological Seminary

The Trinity International Theological Seminary offers 13 courses on the Bible. These courses are for all levels of Christians, including those new to the faith and experienced Bible group leaders.

These are the topics covered in these courses:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Salvation
  • God
  • Man
  • Prayer
  • The Church
  • Evangelism
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Judgment
  • Christ’s Second Coming
  • Prophecies and Prophets
  • A Biblical Perspective on Sin
  • God’s Recipe for Happiness in Your Home

Send one-page essays summarizing what you have learned for each course to request a certificate indicating your achievement.

You’ll receive a Certificate of Biblical Studies if you have six certificates of achievement. You will be awarded the Seminary’s Diploma In Biblical Studies if you have earned twelve certificates.

Editor’s Note: The courses are completely free. However, each certificate of achievement will set you back $20. The 12 certificates required to obtain the Seminary’s Diploma of Biblical Studies will cost you $240.

7. Open Yale Courses in Religious Studies

Yale, an Ivy League school, offers free online courses. Although they don’t award a certificate upon course completion, I feel they should be included in this list.

Open Yale Courses offers 2 courses:

  • Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)
  • Introduction to the New Testament literature and history

Yale offers these courses, even if you don’t want to earn a certificate. These courses are an excellent introduction to religious studies and will help you plan your future study.

Warning These courses do not come with a certificate. These courses are only available for learning more about the Bible.

8. Dallas Theological Seminary’s Courses

Dallas University offers many online Bible courses for free, including:

  • Evangelism
  • Exodus
  • Thessalonians
  • Names and attributes of God
  • Corinthians
  • James
  • Daniel

There are many more. All courses can be found on the linked page. This is the best course to explain the Scriptures in detail if you are looking for one.

These courses can take quite a while to complete. These courses can last for several weeks, and there are twenty of them. Although the seminar will make you a Bible expert by the end, don’t expect it to be easy.

Editor’s Note: the website does not mention whether you receive a certificate after you have completed a course.


Here it is, the top online Bible courses. It wasn’t easy to make a list. Finding topics that are sensitive in the religious field is difficult. It’s also difficult to find quality courses on the Bible because it is an entire universe.

By taking any of these courses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of religion and the Scriptures, as well as how people interact with religion.

You will be able to read and understand the Bible for yourself. You can even spread the Good News to those around you. These Bible courses can be a great start to spiritual awakening.

You don’t have to wait! Register for one of the courses mentioned in this article, and you will be able to help your neighbors, friends, or community with their spiritual awakening.


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