Flexible Constitution: Definition, Merits And Demerits

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Flexible Constitution
2. Merits Of Flexible Constitution
3. Demerits Of Flexible Constitution
Meaning Of Flexible Constitution
Flexible constitution is the type of constitution that is easy to amend. The method of amending flexible constitution is the same as that of the passing of ordinary laws. The amendment can easily be done by a simple majority in the Legislature. A flexible constitution may be written or unwritten. Great Britain and Italy constitution are not written but are flexible constitution.
Merits Of Flexible Constitution
1. It can easily be changed to meet with fresh and unforseen circumstances.
2. It helps the government to take a quick action or decision.
3. Introduction of new laws is easy by replacing old laws with new laws.
4. The need and aspiration of the people can easily be met because of the ease in amendment of the constitution.
Demerits Of Flexible Constitution
1. The provisions of the constitutions can easily be manipulated by a powerful leader.
2. It is not suitable for a federal system of government, as the rights of the autonomy of some states may be jeopardised by some cadical reforms.
3. Fundamental human rights of individual may be infringed upon.
4. A section of the country can use its influence or position to amend the constitution to achieve sectional interest.

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