Information About Starting Fish Farming In Nigeria

Do you know that you can make money from fish farming in Nigeria? 60% of Nigerians loves eating fish . Are you interested in starting a fish farming business in Nigeria? Are you looking for information that will guide you on how to set up a fish farm? This article will serve you best.
Fish farming business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. This business is becoming more lucrative each day and expanding rapidly here in Nigeria. The demand of fish is very high in markets, restaurants & hotels. Tilapia fish farming and catfish farming are the major types of Fish farming in Nigeria.
Do you know that fish sells very fast more than any other meats in the market, And it is eventually very cheap to compare with other meat production. The only risk and challenges in fish farming is that it is capital intensive and they are very sensitive to rear; any mismanagement may lead to stunt growth and death. Irrespective of all the challenges, it is still the best of it.
How To Start A Lucrative Fish Farming In Nigeria (Tilapia And Catfish Farming):
Starting a fish farming is never easy, even though most people desire to venture into it. Most fish farmers are not successful because they have not done proper research on what it takes to be successful. Before we proceed on how to get started, we will give some of the tips to be successful and make profit as a fish farmer in Nigeria. For you to make profit, there are several things you need to know and here are they;
(a) Get your fishes from the right suppliers.
(b) The quality of the water also helps to determine the growth of the fish.
(c) Ensure quality feeding; Fish growths depends on the quality of the feed.
(d) Be consistence in order to see good result.
Here Are Guide On Fish Farming In Nigeria:
(1) Buying Of Land: Fish are environmental friendly. Any location is suitable for it, You can go to areas where lands are cheap and purchase based on how you want to run the business, But always remember to buy lands that will accommodate this projects and still have much space.
(2) Construction Of Fish Ponds: Next is to get construction engineer that will build the ponds and do the necessary constructions needed. Ensure that it is well constructed for proper drainage.
(3) Installation Of Borehole: Water supply is very important on every fish farming. The need adequate water supply for survival. Consult plumbers to dig a borehole and connect pipes to the fish ponds through the overhead water tank.
(4) Choice Of Fish: You need to identify whether you will go for tilapia, catfish or other types of fish farming. Purchase from a rightful source, and make sure they are healthy.
(5) Ensure Proper Feedings: Make sure you feed your fish daily and take good care of them.
Requirements/Equipments Needed For Fish Farming In Nigeria:
(1) Capital
(2) Land
(3) Pumps
(4) Aeration Devices
(5) Seine reels
(6) Oxygen Meter
(7) Dip Nets
(8) Mover
(9) Buckets And Baskets
(10) Storage Bins etc.
The cost of starting a fish farm in Nigeria is calculated based on the cost of land, cost of fish purchased, cost of construction, cost of equipment, cost of borehole installation. All the cost is estimated to worth N5,750,000.
This estimation is based on medium scale.

  • The market demand of fish is very high in Nigeria as 60% of Nigerians consume fish daily. That’s what makes this business very lucrative.
  • Don’t forget to plant grass seeds around the fish pond to prevent erosion.
  • Fish sells very fast more than any other meats in Nigeria, the risk and challenges involves in fish farming is that; It requires huge capital and any little mistake might lead to stunt growth or death.
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