Fibre Properties: Fibre Properties, Care And Uses

Fibre Properties: They are natural and artificial man made synthetic Fibre.
1. The natural Fibre are cotton, silk, wool and linen.
2. Man made Fibre are Reena, acetate, nylon, polyester..
Fibres, Properties, Care And Uses.
1) Cotton
Properties: Strong, durable, dyes well, highly inflammable, has little or no shrink age.
Care: It can easily boiled, sterilized, dyed cotton and wash carefully to retain dye.
Uses: Used in garment, making inner wears, stockings sanitary pads, pampers, rain wears.
2) Silk
Properties: Lustrous, easily damaged by strong acids, burns, acids, absorbent, weak to avoid alkaline.
Care: Avoid drying silk in the sun, Avoid spraying water on silk fabrics during ironing, Wash with gentle kneeling and squeezing.
Uses: It is used for garment making, Example: ceremonial dresses, handbags, evening wears, cushion covers, cover bed spreads, sewing threads, carpets.
3) Wool
Properties: It is elastic and stretchable, shrink, and easily very absorbent, poor conductor or heat, good insulation of heat, easily destroyed by alkaline and moths.
Care: It can be washed using Luke warm water, Not to spread on the flat surface under the shade to avoid stretching.
Uses: Uses in making dress, blankets, cardigans, sports wear, rugs, carpets, upholstery fabrics.
4) Linen
Properties: High luster quantity, strong and durable, shrink, resistance dries readily, not very absorbent, creases easily, required high iron temperature.
Care: It wrinkles easily, si it should be handle with care. It can be overcome by wrinkle resistant.
Uses: Used in apparel (Napkins, Suits), Women’s wear, Car seat cover, table linen, glass cover, hand kerchiefs.
5) Rayon
Properties: Absorbent, moth proof , loss shape easily, attacked by acids and bleaches, highly Lustrous flammable, Rayon is a weak Fibre and it is weaker when wet. Poor elastic and poor resilience.
Care: Good dry cleaning in order to avoid shrinking during laundry, it should be be washed , handled with care. Avoid prolong exposure to sunlight.
Uses: It is used in apparel as wet as home textiles, industrial uses include medical pads, under wears, bedspread, table linen and surgical pads.
6) Acetate
Properties: Less Absorbent, good conductor of heat, drapes well, recover quickly from soaked by strong exposure to sunlight, high temperature causes the fibred to burn, garments made with acetate cling to the body.
Care: There are delicate fibres that requires greater care. They require very low ironing temperature, can easily be damaged by string solvent.
Uses: Used in making men’s dresses, ties, shirts umbrella, rain wears, batting Suits, lining, upholstery materials.
7) Nylon
Properties: Strong and durable, not Absorbent, good for pleating posses excellent elastic, solvents possess excellence elastic recovery crease.
Care: It can be washed by hand and machine, it takes short time to dry if wash without water, Faber’s should be avoided as it causes wrinkles.
Uses: It is Uses for night wears, head ties, carpets, tiles, mosquito nets, tooth brush.
8) Polyester
Properties: Non Absorbent, resistant to milden, weak acids bleaches and sunlight cling to the body resistant.

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