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* Features of Government
* Functions of Government
* Why do we Study Government?


The Government as an institution is characterized by the following attributes:

  1. Power: Power allows power to the the government to influence citizens and carry out its policies. Power is an essential tool to maintain peace and law.
  2. Law: This is the rules and regulations which govern the way in which people conduct themselves. The constitution is also known as the constitution. It establishes certain rights, obligations and rights of citizens as well as the functions for the administration.
  3. The Revenue The government has to raise funds to implement its policies. This is accomplished through the imposition of import duties as well as tax collection.
  4. Personnel: This is those who are able-bodied who assist to assist the government to manage its affairs. They include public officials and judges, police officers and others.
  5. Public support is essential to ensure that no government is able to endure without the support of the public. Governments need public support to function. government has to have the backing of population for it to function effectively. Public support is a source of legitimacy and gives the power to run the government..
  6. Services for welfare: Government has the obligation of providing services for the social, such as good roads as well as pipe-borne electricity, pipe-borne water etc . to its citizens to justify its existence.

Five highlights features of the government


  1. Legislation: government makes laws to regulate the conduct by its residents.
  2. Law and order maintenance The principal purpose that government the government is to ensure the law and order of the state. This is accomplished through enforcement agencies , such as officers of the law enforcement force.
  3. The defense of the nation It is the obligation to government officials the government to defend its people from attacks from outside. This is carried out by military forces like the Army, Navy and Air force.
  4. Protection of life and property It is the duty that is the responsibility of authorities to ensure the safety of its citizens. The police as well as the law courts are responsible to protect not only residents but also the people who live within the nation.
  5. To manage justice: it is the job of the law court that is the judiciary branch of the government to resolve disputes and to administer justice. Prisons are designed to punish criminals and offenders.
  6. Social services and social assistance Also, it is the responsibility to government the government to offer hospitals, roads that are good and electricity, as well as pipe-borne water, etc. to the citizens via taxes, which residents pay.
  7. Employment opportunities: government has the responsibility of providing employment opportunities for its citizens. They are thus economically self-sufficient.
  8. Economic roles: government through its economic policies regulates the activities of the economy to protect the economy and ensure economic growth. This is accomplished by careful economic planning and implementation.
  9. The government functions that are political government include holding regular, fair and free elections to ensure peaceful and smooth transition of the government and to maintain the stability of the political environment.
  10. Maintaining international relations: an important task for government is maintaining external relations. One of the main responsibilities for administration is to maintain and establish external relations with nations that are friendly. The relationship could be one of trade or health, politics, etc. This is the reason why countries establish high commissions and embassies, with ambassadors and high commissioners who are appointed to oversee the respective.


There are many motives why we are interested in the subject of government. These are the reasons:

  1. Political Education: The study of the government provides an education in politics and provides students with fundamental ideas about how to play an active role in administration of our nation.
  2. A study in government assists us in knowing the rights and duties, and obligations as citizens as well as the best way to protect them.
  3. Government aids us in understanding more clearly how the government system works government that is in place in our nation and the consequences of this type in governance.
  4. The knowledge gained from government assists us in having the patriotism spirit and nationalist sentiments.
  5. Studying government can help us escape political ignorance and explains the reason the government of nations belong to certain international organisations.
  6. Government expands our political horizons and stimulates the involvement of the people in the activities of the government and thereby deterring the rise of dictatorship and tyranny.
  7. The goal of the government is to turn us into political scientists and to help us evaluate the performance of a leader in an political party.
  8. The study of government helps to practice democratic rule and law.


  1. Five functions that are essential to the government.
  2. How do we help government officials ensure that the government ensure law and order.


  1. What is the reason you are a student of the government?
  2. Why do we study government?
  3. What is the purpose of studying the government?
  4. Of what value is the government to the community?

The most important Government through C.C. Dibie pages 2-3
Complete governance through J.U. Anyaele pages 7-8


  1. Which of these isn’t an element that is not a feature of the government?
    a) Personnel b) Revenue c) legislature
  2. The body of the government accountable for the making of laws is called the The __
    A) Executive) justice c) legislative
  3. The primary function of the government is the _
    A) Lawmaking b) road maintenance) electioneering
  4. The understanding that comes from government assists us in having an attitude of the __
    A) Hooliganism) patriotism) atheism
  5. The goal of the government is to change us.
    A) Thugs) political scientists) rebel leaders


  1. Five reasons to take a course in the government.
  2. List each of the six tasks of the government.

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