Farm Machines: Maintenance Practices And Precautionary Measures Of Farm Machines, Reasons For Maintenance Of Farm Machines

1. The tractor should be serviced at regular interval.
2. Worn-out tyres should be replaced and tyre pressure gauge regularly.
3. Ensure that nuts, screws or shield are checked and tightened at regular intervals.
4. Replace Worn-out or weld or broken parts of the tractor.
5. Adhere strictly to manufacturers instructions.
6. Employ a competent and experienced tractor operator.
7. Routine and regular changing of the engine oil.
Precautionary Measures Of Farm Machines
1. Check water and oil level regularly.
2. Carry out routine services.
3. Keep the machines clean.
4. Check electrolyte battery every day and top when necessary.
Reasons For Maintenance Of Farm Machines
1. For easy operation of the farm Machines
2. It enables the machine to last long
3. To avoid disappointment during operation
4. To render quick services when in use
5. For efficiency of operation.

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