Family Resources: Meaning Of Family Resources And Types


Resources are those things individuals and families need to achieve their needs. Using Resources wisely helps families to accomplish their goals.

Types Of Family Resources

There are different types of resources. Resources Are grouped into three:

a. Human Resources.
b. Material Or Non-human Resources.
c. Community Resources.

Human Resources

Human Resources are those qualities which an individual possess. Human Resources Are Parts of an individual; they exist within that person and can only be used by the individual.

Human Resources Are Listed Below:

– Energy
– Time
– Skill; E.g Sewing skills, Cooking, Writing, And Computer skills.
– Knowledge; E.g Knowledge of how to bake cake.
– Talent; E.g Talent For Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Playing Football.

Material Resources

Material or Non-human resources are money, possessions and equipment. They make family works easier. These resources belong to the family, family membera have right over them, control and make use of them the way they want. Examples include: houses, cars, books, tools, refrigerators, gas, etc.

Material resources give happiness and satisfaction. Proper use of material resources makes life easier.

Community Resources

Community resources include market, motor parks, schools, hospitals, churches, recreational facilities, police ststions, courts, counselling centres and other institutions.

Provision of all these resources by the community helps in improving the proper uses of human and material resources by families and individuals which help them solve their problems and be happy.