Family Needs: Physical, Emotional And Social Needs Of The Family

Home Economics

Every family needs a shelter. A house provides this shelter. There are differences between a house and a home. Certain factors are necessary to convert a house into a home.

Difference Between A House And A Home

A House is just a building. Housing includes the many different types of shelter in which people can live. Housing can fulfill important needs of individuals and families. A house that offers opportunities to meet the needs of a family becomes a home.

A Home is a house in which a family lives. A home is therefore an abode or dwelling place for a family. It is more than a house. A home is the place where the family members can do so many things together, such as:

1. Share their interests, activities, joys, love and troubles.

2. Can relax, and be at ease.

3. Live and work together for the benefit of each other and the whole family.

4. Prepare food and eat together.

The Following Family Needs Are Met In The Home:

1. Physical Needs

The physical needs of the family are those for survival, such as shelter, air, sunlight, rest, sleep, food, safety, etc. Housing should offer safety for the family and their belongings.

2. Emotional Needs

The emotional needs include, comfort, privacy, a place of recreation and relaxation.

3. Social Needs

These needs include love and sense of belonging. The home should be such a place where family members long to go back to.

There Are Issues That Relate To Home, For Instance

1. A home normally belongs to a family which owns it.

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2. It is a dwelling place for a family.

3. It meets the shelter needs of the family.

4. It must provide comfort and security for the family.

5. It should be furnished to meet family needs and taste.

6. It is a base where family members can return to even when they are adults living on their own.

7. There must be communication among family members in the home.

8. Families often share the same cooking utensils and eat together in the home.

9. Family members share love, companionship and intimacies in the home.

10. Families sometimes experience different types of violence in the home.

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