Factors To Consider When Choosing Office Machines

Table Of Contents

  • Factors To Consider When Choosing Office Machines
  • Advantages Of Office Machines
  • Disadvantages Of Office Machines

Office machines and equipment are the instruments used in carrying out the functions of the office.
Factors To Consider When Choosing Office Machines
The following factors should be considered in choosing office machine:
1. The Work Required And Manner Of Accomplishing It
Care must be taken to acquire the right machine for the right task in order to achieve production target. An office which has no access to electricity and then goes to buy computer that uses electricity will find that without electricity no computer can function.
2. Cost Of The Equipment
If the cost of the machine is high, and work it is expected to do is not all that significant to the office concerned, then it should be discouraged. Conversely, if the cost is high and the work it is expected to do is important to the office concerned, the machine should be purchased.
3. Equipment Operator Input
The employees who will be using the equipment should be given the opportunity in deciding which piece of equipment to select. It must be one that has the skill and competence to handle.
4. Speed Of The Machine/Equipment
The different pieces of equipment should be comared in terms of operating speed for improved efficiency.
5. Durability Of The Equipment
Once the various pieces of appropriate equipment have been identified, the durability of the equipment has to be assessed.
6. Determination Of Appropriate Equipment
Once the needs for office equipment/machine have been determined, it is necessary to determine which piece of equipment most appropriately meets the needs.
7. Machine Economies
i. The life of the machine can last for so long so that effective use can be made of it.
ii. The machine should be capable of producing as fasr as possible in order to maximize production and minimize wastage.
iii. It should be capable of adaptation or adjustment to do other tasks.
Advantages Of Office Machine
Different advantages are obtained with different machines in different circumstances:
1. To Save Labour
Labour is saved as staff are released for other work because a single machine can replace the services of several workers.
2. To Save Time
Some jobe must be completed by certain time. The time that work could have taken to be done without machine is reduced e.g. in collation of examination results time is saved, if machines are used in the processing.
3. To Promote Accuracy And Improve Quality Of Work
Some certain work like data processing and accounting require accuracy. And if the work is done with accounting machine, it will give mechanical accuracy and avoid unnecessary checking. It will also look neater than when done manually and gives better appearance.
4. To Relief Monotony And Fatigue
The hand written method is replaced with the machine which can do a continuous work more quickly and thus relieves boredom and monotony.
5. To Avoid Fraud
Possible frauds are minimized. The malpractices that could arise from the many mathematical calculations are reduced by use of machines e.g. Cheque writing machines.
6. Promote Efficiency And Productivity
Work is efficiently done and there is higher productivity e.g. The use of computer to process documents.
Disadvantages Of Office Machines
1. Must Be Operated By A Person
Machine cannot do work requiring great intelligence. The competence of the operator determines how effective the tasks can be accomplished.
2. High Rate Obsolescence
The obsolete rate of some machines is high e.g. Electronic digitalized machines are making others out-dated very quickly.
3. Consumable Are Expensive
Special stationery and printing methods are expensive e.g. Computer.
4. Trained Operators
Difficulty of obtaining trained machine operators e.g. Comuter operator.
5. Impact On Office System
For example, the installation of machine may mean some changes in office system.
6. Mobility And Flexibility
Some machines cannot be moved to another office once installed. Some of the machines methods are so rigid.
7. Noise In The Office
Unless some machines are segregated from the main office, they constitute a source of noise to other office workers.
8. Difficulty Of Maintenance
Some machines are difficult to maintain in the event of machine breakdown.
9. Capital Outlay
Some machines are very expensive, e.g. word processor.
10. Threat To Office Worker
Machines pose threat to the office worker e.g. the fear of work being taken over by modern machines and computers.
Types Of Office Machines And Equipment
The types of office machines and equipment commonly found in offices are the following. Students are advised to keep abreast of development in this area as new office machines and equipment are on the increase.
1. Typewriters manual and electric
2. Duplicating machines
3. Photocopying machines
4. Dictating machines
5. Calculating machines and Accounting machines
6. Collating machines
7. Addressing machines
8. Computers
9. Punch
10. Tape recorder
11. Stapler
12. Dictaphones
13. Cell bell
14. Telephone
15. Teleprinter etc.