Factors That Influence Decision Making

Every day you make many decisions. Some are very simple while others are complicated. The family also makes many decisions. Some decisions are very important. It is necessary to learn some decision making skills and use them always.
Meaning Of Decision Making
Decision making is the act of making a choice from alternative courses of actions or things. Decision making can only take place when there are two things to choose from. When you are faced with only one course of action, there will be no decision making.
Steps In Decision Making
The steps in decision making are:
1. Identify The Decision To Be Made: This involves defining the situation or problem that requires a decision. For example, your problem could be to buy a new pair of shoes. You have to decide on. (i). What you will use the shoe for, (ii). The type of shoe, (iii). The colour, (iv). Where to buy the shoes, etc. Then you have to consider your other needs and the money available.
2. List The Alternatives: Alternatives are different ways of doing a thing. Using the example in step 1, the alternatives could be, to buy from, (i). Second-hand shops, or, (ii). From the market, or (iii). Shopping mail or (iv). From a boutique. You also have to list alternative colours or shoes, type of shoes, etc.
3. Choose The Best Alternative: To do this you have to think about your values, goals, wants, money available and needs. A possible consideration with reference to buying a pair of shoes, could be, what colour of shoe will match many of my dresses? Make a choice that best fits ur needs. Choose the best shop and time.
4. Act On Your Decision: Carry out your decision to the best of your ability. This means going to buy the shoe.
5. Evaluate Your Decision: This involves judging the quality of the decision made or how well it worked for you. For instance, does the pair of shoes you selected go well with many of the dresses in your wardrobe? Sometimes, if the outcome of a decision is not what you expected, or hope for, you will have to make a new decision.
Factors That Influence Decision Making
1. Family: Family members are usually willing and eager to help members, especially teenagers to make good decisions.
2. Friends: Friends have strong influence on each other and can influence each other in decision making.
3. Resources: Resources available always influence decision. The resources include, time, knowledge, money, and skills, etc.
4. Values: The decisions you make are always based on what you consider important. For example your value will determine whether you watch a movie or study your books at night.
5. Needs And Wants: In decisions, needs may be chosen before wants.
Simple Personal Decisions
Making good decisions can help prevent mistakes in life. Some decisions have a greater effect on your life than others do. Therefore some require, more time, thought, and energy to make. Some area of decisions are:
i. Food Related Decisions: The foods to eat, when to eat, how to eat, should i eat snacks, sweets, how many times to eat in a day, etc.
ii. Clothing Related Decisions: What dresses to buy or wear, what hair-do to wear, shoes to choose and wear, colours and styles to choose.
iii. Housing Related Decisions: These will include the types of household articles to buy.
iv. Choosing friends to move with.
v. Educational decisions would include schools to attend, books to read, career to pursue, etc.

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