Factors That Ensures The Enforcement Of The Rule Of Law

Here are 10 major factors that ensure the enforcement of the Rule of Law:
1. Independent Judiciary
To ensure that the rule of law is enforced in its true sense, the Judiciary should, as much as possible, be independent of the other two arms of government. A body should be set up to handle the appointment of judges and binding of the Judiciary.
2. Press Freedom
The press should be given a free hand to report matters as they happened. They should not be censored or told what to write and what not to write. The press men should not be intimidated or clamped into jail when they report matters that are not favourable to government.
3. The Law Should Be Kept Open
People must have access to the law. It should not be kept secret but open so that people can quickly see it and refer to it when necessary. In fact, everybody should have a copy of the constitution, especially in Nigeria where the constitution is contained in a single document.
4. Quick Dispensation Of Justice
It is said that justice delayed in justice denied. Therefore, cases must not be delayed in court unnecessarily, but should be quickly dispensed.
5. Period Of Detention
The acceptable duration of detention is twenty four hours. Citizens should not be kept in detention longer than twenty four hours.
6. Public Trial
Law breakers or suspects must be tried in the open court where journalists and families can witness it. The press should not be barred from observing court proceedings.
7. Separation Of Powers
The various organs of government should be as separate as possible from each other as this will ensure the rule of law.
8. Seeking Redress In Court
The judiciary is the last hope of the common man. Therefore, the citizens should known their rights and seek redress in court when their rights have been trampled on.
9. Democracy
No other system of government can ensure the enforcement of the rule of law and its smooth operation like a democratic government. So, to ensure the enforcement of the rule of law, every country must embrace democracy.
10. Right To Appeal
When citizens feel that the fairest judgement was denied them in the lower court, they should have the right to appeal to a higher court.

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