Factors To Consider When Purchasing Food

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Food

The Factors To Consider When Purchasing Food Are:

i. The Needs Of The Family: This includes the family’s nutritional requirements, likes and dislikes, food preferences and dietary restrictions of some members due to ill health.

ii. Size Of The Family: The number of persons to feed will affect the quantity of items to buy.

iii. Food Preservation And Storage Facilities available in the family.

iv. Food In Season: Foods are cheapest and at their best when in season.

v. Money Available For Food: It helps to determine the quantity and quality of food to buy.

vi. Where to buy food, this can be purchased in open market, supermarket or special stores.

Risk Factors In Purchasing
Risk May be defined As “The exposure to chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance”.

In purchasing, the focus is often not on risk but keenly focused on price. The conventional wisdom dictates that the lowest price be obtained. The risk factors in purchasing therefore include:

i. Risk of buying the wrong products.

ii. Purchasing and installing an item: that is meant to last several years, generates a feeling of risk because the feeling of “what if it does not work” is disturbing.

iii. Unfamiliarity with the seller: A First-time buyer, one who has not bought the products before, or has not bought from a company or shop before.

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