Drug Trafficking: Meaning And Reasons For Drug Trafficking

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Drug Trafficking
2. Reasons For Drug Trafficking
3. Dangers Of Drug Trafficking
Meaning Of Drug Trafficking
Drug trafficking is connected with trading in illegal drugs. It involves the act of cultivating, manufacturing, distributing, storing, selling and consuming of substances which are subject to drug prohibition law.
On the other hand, it concerns the manner of concealing, conveying, importing and exporting of dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis or marijuana, etc, by Big-Time Bandits.
Drug Trafficking is a global issue and the following are the illegal business:
1. Drug Barons or Big-Time Bandits who sponsor the ugly trade.
2. Drug Couriers who deliver the drugs at their destinations.
3. The users at the destination posts.
Hard Drug producing countries are: Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Jamaica, among others.
Drug Consuming Countries include: European countries and North American countries.
African countries remain the routes through which these illicit drugs move to Europe and North America.
Reasons For Drug Trafficking
The following are some of the reasons why people are some of the reasons why people traffick in the hard drugs:
1. Poverty
Owing to the high level of poverty, high rate of unemployment and other unattended economic hardship, many people today in Nigeria venture into drug pushing business so as to enrich themselves and become rich to live false life. This is money in wrong hands, it does not last long.
2. Ignorance
Majority of the people involved in drug peddling are not aware of the harm drug-trafficking would bring into their lives. The risk is high, the health hazards, the punishment, etc, that face the traffickers when in police net.
3. Greed
This is another major reason why people trade on drugs. The law of desire and greed increases by having. The more people succeed in that drug business, the more they go for it. Greed is a cankerworm that eats away the life of individuals and makes them to become slaves to drug.
4. Peer Influence
Some people are in drug trafficking through influence of their friends and colleagues, who suddenly became rich through drug pushing. This notion is very wrong. The fact that your friend or colleague made it through illegal drug trafficking does not make the business secure and possible for your own success.
5. Some People In Sporting Activities Buy Drugs To Enhance Their Strength And For Speedy Performance Of Activities. This reason is wrong and un-natural because modern devices can dictate this, and the sportsman stands disqualified and dismissed.
Dangers Of Drug Trafficking
Trafficking in drugs poses great dangers to the individual, his/her nation and the international community at large. These are some of the dangers of drug trafficking:
1. Trafficking In Drugs Brings Bad Image For The Country
The countries that produce, distribute and market hard drugs are projected in bad light. Such countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Jamaica, etc, are regarded as bad and dangerous because these drugs they produce are harmful to human beings.
2. Imprisonment Or Death Penalty
Anybody caught in the act of trafficking are jailed for life and often death penalty awaits the person. Some may develop abnormality when they are discharge.
3. It brings shame to the individua and his families.
4. National security is being affected through the trafficking of drugs.
5. It has an adverse effect on the country’s economy.
Solutions To Drug Trafficking
Here are the preventive measures and solutions to drug trafficking:
1. Through Education:
People should be educated on the dangers and consequences of drug trafficking.
2. Poverty Alleviation
Poverty alleviation should be the priority of every government. Jobs should be created for our yong school leavers and graduates in order to eradicate or alleviate poverty which is a known cause of drug trafficking among young people.
3. Legislation
Effective and enforceable laws should be made with stiffer penalties and sanctions against offenders without discrimination. This can help to reduce the incidence of drug trafficking.
4. International Co-operation
Nations should intensify efforts at co-operation to dictates and prevent citizens from consumption as well as the production of drugs. International cooperation should include exchange of ideas, techniques and strategies or deportation of convicts to serve as jail sentences in home countries.
5. War Against Drug Trafficking
Schools and colleges should establish clubs or societies that fight drug trafficking, while the law enforcement agencies like the NDLEA and NAFDAC should be more empowered and well equipped to fight drug trafficking.
6. Moral Orientation
Good moral upbringing of our youths should be intensified. The school curriculum should be reviewed to include lessons on drug and drug trafficking.