Driving Tools And Cutting Tools | Meaning And Examples

Driving Tools And Cutting Tools

Driving tools are instruments designed to push screws, nails and nails into their proper position. Examples include:

Hammers Hammers are made up of two separate parts: the head and the handle. While the handle could be made from wood or a metallic material but the head is composed out of carbon-rich steel. Hammers are classified by what type of head it is it is made of, therefore we have:

Straight peen, Ball peen, cross peen as well as the planishing Hammer

Mallets The hammer is soft with a head composed of a soft material such as synthetic rubber, to protect the head from scratching any surface on the piece of work.

Punches They are employed to make holes in thin sheets of metal to mark drill holes and to take out rivets. Examples include: the centre punch, dot punch, as well as pin punches for marking drill points.

Screw Drivers This is used to drive screws in or out of the structural parts. Examples include flat screw drivers Star screw drivers Allen Key off-set screwdriver.

Cutting Tools

Definition of Cutting Tools

These are tools that are used for cutting pieces of metal within the work area. Examples include files, chisels saws, and scrapers.

Chisels Chisels can be described as tools for chipping to form metals when other methods of finishing such as filing is not possible. They are commonly used as: flat chisel; cross-cut chisel diamond chisel.

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Scrapers They look similar to the file, but they don’t come with teeth. They are employed to eliminate small imperfections from flat surfaces.

Hacksaws: Hacksaws are used to cut through metals. The blade can be adjusted by the user to cut in a opposite direction. The piercing saw is perfect for cutting curves. Brass back saw is helpful when working with soft metal.

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