Discipline In National Life: Concept, Causes And Consequences Of Indiscipline

The Concept Of Discipline
Discipline is a complex concept to explain and that is the reason why there is no consensus among scholars to a concise definition of it. However, two perspectives of discipline have been dominant among the various scholars that have attempted to explain it.
The first is that people equate discipline with disciplining thereby giving it a connotation of rigid and circumscribed, arbitrary and cruel (Dockling, 1980).
The Reader’s Digest Family World Finder (1978) believes that discipline is synonymous with “Punish” chastise, chasten, indoctrination, enforcement of rules and rigour.
The second notion being associated to discipline is with disciple and indiscipline thinking, denoting the very essence of civilized behaviour and characterizing a style of living which distinguished human society from the life of the jungle.
The two notions are just mere variations on the same theme. Discipline is synonymous with order, and self control i.e. As a system of control and as a process of healthy character formation. It is the internalization of worthwhile controls extrinsic to the individual. The order in disciplined activity is achieved by virtue of reasons impact in, or for the same of value intrinsic to the activity itself.
Discipline involves moral compulsion and it is required among the citizens of Nigeria in order to move this country forward. This is because, discipline in the society forms the foundation of peace, harmony and progress of a people. A disciplined society provides the correct atmosphere for development and prosperity. A disciplined society finds it easy to obey rules and regulations without the use of force. In Nigeria, there three important types of discipline namely: personal, social and political discipline.
Causes Of Indiscipline
Several factors are responsible for indiscipline in our society among which are:
1. Lack of control, moderation, modesty and respect for legitimate authority due to human nature of being self centered.
2. Moral decadence due to the infiltration of European culture into our society through colonial contact.
3. Social anxiety arising from the stigmatization of people in certain social class or status.
4. Boredom which may be as a result of unemployment or unsatisfactory condition of leaving e.g. The inability of one to meet his physiological need like food; shelter, clothing, sex, water etc may cause the person in question to be undisciplined.
5. The psychodynamic theory of emotional deprivation is a source of indiscipline because, Bowlby (1953) identified that good maternal care are the most crucial element in the development of healthy, loving and dependable personality.
6. There is genetic characteristics theory of indiscipline which states that indiscipline can be as a result of abnormal physiological features like large toes and large fingers which are capable of predisposing the individual in question to exhibit deviant behaviours which is a life style that run contrary to the accepted moral norm or behaviour of any particular society.
Consequences Of Indiscipline
The consequences of indiscipline in our society are:
1. Development retardation.
2. Corruption and lack of self control.
3. Moral turpitude.
4. Violence, riot, unrest, strike action, demonstration, terrorism etc.
5. High crime wave, like robbery, affray, rape etc.
6. Thuggery, drug abuse and peddling etc.
7. Lack of punctuality and regularity to work place and low productivity.
8. Disobedience to law and lack of respect to constituted authority etc.

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