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1.★ A_(also” a”) /n/ 1 is the first letter of the English alphabet. 


angel begins with (an) “A”. 

“A” as in apple 

Show me the letter “A” 

2.★(2)A_the 6th note in the scale(6) in c major. 


touch key “A” on that keyboard. 

Key A on the keyboard is my favorite 

Can you sing on key A, while I play 

3.★(3)A_a mark in academics shows the highest standard of work. It is used to identify the best academically. 


Be sure to get an “A” in English 

I was able to get an A after a long run of hard work 

“A” s are for people who work hard in class 

4.★(4)A_used to represent the first one of two or more options. 


let’s take plan”A” first. 

Between Mr “A” and Mr. B which of them is the best 

I would rather go for option” A” instead b. 

5.★(5)A_used to represent a person, in an imaginary situation or to keep secret the identity of the person involved. 


let’s say Mr. A Called Mr. B 

A man was here to look for you today 

A soldier 

It was “A” priest who did that 

6.★(6)A_the beginning of something or where something started initially. Examples: 

from “A” to Z 

It starts from point A to point b 

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