Derrick Jaxn Net Worth

Derrick Jaxn is a well-known relationship expert, YouTuber, and author. He is a self-love evangelist with a sizable following on Instagram and YouTube. In 2012, he began his social media quest of’self-love.’

His main source of income is his popular YouTube channel, where he uploads videos on a variety of themes. He is also a published author with many books available for purchase on his website.

Derrick Jaxn nett worth is boosted by his annual salary of roughly 134.5 thousand dollars.

He is a YouTuber and author from the United States.  With nearly half a million average monthly viewers, Derrick earns anywhere from $8,000 to $134,000 per year.

Making money on YouTube is determined by the number of views a video receives and how those views are monetized.

Derrick Jaxn is an Instagram influencer and video blogger with a large following. He’s also written several books about relationships, which have earned him a sizable fortune.

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