Democracy: Importance Of Democracy (Civic Education)

Democracy, being a system of government where the will of the majority prevails, is very important for some reasons which are stated below:
1. Democracy ensures that the majority of the people participate in the government affairs and also protects the interests of those in the minority.
2. It promotes stability in the country, by ensuring a peaceful change of the government through electoral process.
3. Democracy ensures that people enjoy their fundamental rights, by entrenching them in the constitution of the land which is supreme.
4. It gives people the voting right to choose whoever they want as their leaders.
5. It ensures that there is no misuse or abuse of power, because the powers are not concentrated in the hands of one arm of the government.
6. Democracy allows people the freedom to criticize the government in power. It ensures that the minority will have a say in government affairs while the majority will have their way.
7. It allows the operation of the rule of law, since the government and the people will act in accordance with the law of the land.
8. In democracy, decisions are taken through discussion, dialogue, deliberation, debate, consultation and persuasions. It does not support the suppression of opinions of people.
9. It encourages political development of the people, through their participation.
10. Guarantee fundamental human right.
11. It gives equal political right to vote and be voted for.

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