Democracy: Definition, Meaning Of Democracy, Origin, Development And Types Of Democracy, Features, Merits & Demerits And Conditions Necessary For A Successful Operation Of Democracy

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Democracy
  • Origin Of Democracy
  • Features Of Democracy
  • Types Of Democracy
  • Merits Of Democracy
  • Demerits Of Democracy
  • Conditions Necessary For A Successful Operation Of Democracy

What Is Democracy?
Democracy is a form of government in which the people elect those who rule them periodically. The people exercise their governing power either directly or indirectly by electing their representatives. Also, it is defined as a form of government based on popular consent.
Origin Of Democracy
Democracy originated from greek. The ancient greek word “Demo” meaning “People” and “Kratia” meaning “Government”. Meanwhile Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the people.
Features Of Democracy
1. Political liberty is maintained in a democratic state.
2. Respect for individual personality.
3. Free association and group.
4. Periodic elections
5. There is supremacy of the constitution
6. Respect for human rights
7. Freedom of the press
8. Existence of rule of law
9. Recognition of the opposition.
Types Of Democracy
1. Direct Democracy: This is a form of democracy where all the people assemble to discuss and deliberate issues affecting the community. This system is possible in small tribe or villages where everyone takes active part in government.
2. Indirect Democracy: This crims in replacement of direct democracy as a result of increase in population of the people. This is where citizens votes and elect their representatives or leader who rules on behalf of them.
Merits Of Democracy
1. It makes government stable
2. There is operation of rule of law
3. Democracy gives equal opportunity for all citizens
4. There is respect and recognition of opposition
5. There is free choice of leaders
6. It gives legitimacy to the elected government
7. Individuals opinion is respected in decision.
Demerits Of Democracy
1. It leads to slow decision making
2. It is expensive to operate
3. It may lead to the election of incapable leaders
4. Lack of political education among the people makes the running of democracy ineffective
5. The opposition may be recognized in some issues.
Conditions Necessary For A Successful Operation Of Democracy
1. Openess: The activities of government must be open to the people.
2. Rule Of Law: Everything done in the country should be guilded by the constitution.
3. Willingness: The people must be willing and have the desire to run a democratic government.
4. Opposition: Where there are opposition parties to the government, democracy is sustained.
5. The judiciary must be free from any external control.
6. There must be free and fair elections.

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