Democracy: 5+ Merits And Demerits Of Democracy

1. Democracy gives the electorate the opportunity to elect leaders of their choice.
2. Democracy promotes stability in the country.
3. In Democracy, decision is reached through discussion, argument and persuasion. Democracy does not believe in suppression of opinion.
4. There is decentralization of powers and hence, does not allow the misuse of power.
5. Democracy encourages tolerance of the views of the opposition. The majority will have its way but the minority must have its say.
6. Democracy is the superior to other forms of government because the rights and interests of every person are guaranteed.
7. Democracy promotes stability in the country.
Demerits Of Democracy
1. It is very expensive to operate because decision making process in a democracy involves many people.
2. In a democratic government, people who do not have the ability to govern may get elected.
3. Democracy leads to slow decision making.
4. Those who are representatives of the people maybe representing their own interest.
5. Elections hold in most cases may not be free and fair leading to the enthronement of irresponsible, callous and self-minded individuals.