Decision Making: Meaning And Steps In Decision Making

Individuals and families Makes decision every day. Some are minor while others are major. Life is made up of all kinds of decisions.
Decision Making therefore is the act of choosing one action from a number of courses of action. Decision can only be made when there are options.
Steps In Decision Making
The following are the steps in decision making:
1. Recognize that there is a decision to be made: There is need to understand the problem to enable you find a reasonable solution or to take decision. Example; you want to eat lunch. You have to decide on:
a. What to eat
b. Time to eat
c. Whether to cook the food
d. To buy the food
e. Not eating at all
2. List the possible options: This involves having several possible choices. Look at the problem from different angles and choosing a possible way of solving the problem.
3. Go Through the options: Weigh each possible option, think about the advantages and disadvantages. This is were you will consider your wants, needs and goals.
4. Reflect on your values: In making decisions, individual and family values must be considered, choices that will Go against the individual and family values must be avoided.
5. Select An Option And Act: When the choice has been made, the next thing is to act on your choice. Accept responsibilities for decisions you have made. Decision will not have meaning until you take action on your choice.
6. Evaluate The Decision: Every stage of problem solving calls for evaluating results. Review the Decision you have made to know whether the outcome is the best.

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