Data Processing – ICT Application In Everyday Life

ICT Means information communication technology helps to improve individual and society development since it’s invention.




In education computer are used 

  • Teacher use computer to research for teaching material, participate in outline forums and online conference as well as aid their teaching.
  • Student use the computer as reference, they also use computer for typing and editing.



Computer are used to facililate production planting and control system to support chain management and to help in production design in the industrial sector.

  1. Worker use machines that are connected to computer to operate in some production,roboots, are used to take over jobs that are dangerous to the workers.
  2. Researchers uses computer to analyse and collect data for future reference.
  3. Admmistrators use computers to oversees the entire operations in the plant or factory to defect specific erros or defects that occured in in the process.



E~commerce helps in booting the economy it makes buying and selling activities easier more efficient and faster for this application computer internet and shared software are needed.

  1. customer use computer to be connected online with suppliers to purchase profit. This  method can save time and cost as they do not have to go to any outlets.
  2. suppliers uses computer to keep track off their transaction. All product are barloded and can be reach by the computer scanner to help in determing prices and managing invectory.



Ensure that systematic discrimination using information technology and agriculture, animal husbandary, fishery, forestry and food in order to provide read access to comprehensive up to data detailed knowledge and information particulary in rural areas.



The can be define as acquisition recording, organisation, retrieved dislay and dissemination of information for clear and estanding.

A computer information process or proceses information to produce understandable result. the processing may include

  1. Acquesition
  2. Recording
  3. Assemble 

 Retrieval or dissemination of information. for examples. In printing a text file, an information processor works to translate and format the digital

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