Courage: Meaning And Attributes Of Courageous Persons

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Courage
2. Types Of Courage
3. Attributes Of Courageous Persons
Meaning Of Courage
Courage is the quality in a person which make him/her to overcome fear or obstacles in the achievement of a goal. It is quality of firmness and strength of character which enables someone to surmount an obstacle and achieve his/her task or stated objective. courage involving s a measure of boldness and commitment to realize a task. Courage also means bravery. It is the quality to control fear the face of danger obstacle. Misfortune or pain.
Types Of Courage
1. Physical Courage: This is the ability and willingness to exercise physical energy to get things done. Example: the students demonstrated physical courage when they pulled out the car which fell into a ditch inhabited by a dangerous animal.
The students demonstrated physical courage by overpower kidnapper to rescue the child. The police man demonstrated physical courage when he over – Powered the robbers.
2. Moral Courage: The ability to choose to do what is right irrespective of or not minding pressure or opposition to do otherwise. Examples:
A Governor who awarded scholarship to the best student of a school even though the student was the daughter of his political opponent:
A Governor who publicly acknowledged defeat in an election by congratulating his opponent: A Man who refused to accept bribe because it was against his principles. These category of persons demonstrate moral courage.
3.Spiritual Courage: The ability to live up to one’s spiritual faith and principles or do things in line with the one’s spiritual belief. Example: A priest who refused to marry another wife Evan though his marriage is childless, demonstrated spiritual courage.
Attribute Of Courageous Persons
They are:
1. Commitment
2. Endurance
3. Determination
4. Steadfastness
5. Diligence
6. Boldness
7. Bravery
1. Commitment:
Commitment means that the person is devoted to the achievement of an objective. A courageous person must be fully committed to the objective he wants to achieve.
2. Endurance:
A courageous person must be patient and endure difficulties the achievement his goal.
3. Determination:
This is the quality of firm as of purpose. It is an enduring quality to get through a project, in spite of difficulties. A courageous person must be determined if he must succeed in a project.
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4. Steadfastness:
This is the quality of remaining ng resolute or unshaken in the pursuit of a goal. The quality of steadfastness is borne out of the conviction or belief that a goal is achievable.
5. Diligence:
This is the quality of hard work and continuous assessment of the goal to be achieved. Diligence implies hard work backed by care review of goal as effort are made to achieve the goal.
6. Boldness:
It takes a lot of courage to be bold. It is rare quality in a person which demands fearlessness in face of a difficult and challenging situation. It take a lot of courage and boldness far a student to address the entire students in the presence of teachers and the principle of the school.
7. Bravery:
This is a show of physical strength and a capacity to confront a frightening situation. It also refers to strength of character to bear pain or difficult condition with calmness of mind. Example, a woman suffering from cancer, who Bea’s the pains with the a lot of calmness demonstrates bravery.

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