Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail farming in Nigeria is the only farming business that doesn’t require any stress to start, It is very easy to start and also easy to be reared.

You can start this business in your backyard and it doesn’t require much capital to get started. Snails are environmental friendly and they don’t have any odour.

Snail farming is a profitable business in Nigeria And if you want to make it, you need to embrace this opportunity.

The profits yield from snail business is unbelievable, and it is more profitable than pig farming, poultry, goat farming etc, And you should also know that their feeding cost is very low, because you can combine their feeds with green leaves, fruits etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Snail Farming In Nigeria?

Here are the added benefits of snail farming in Nigeria:

1. Environmental Friendly: Unlike poultry & pig farming that do bring out a smell, snails do not in any way have any offensive odour. You can rear them in your backyard.

2. Low Capital: Snail farming is not capital intensive, every of it’s input are relatively low.

3. High In Demand: Snail meat is very high in demand, maybe because of it’s protein and nutritional health benefits.

4. Snails Are High In Productivity.

5. It Is A Profitable Business In Nigeria.

6. Snails are very easy to run.


Here is the profit analysis of snail farming:

If you start with 100 snails (matured ones) and they lay at least 100 eggs each year (Note that snails can go 2 or 3 Chester’s in a year) 100 multiply 3 = 300, that is they lay 300 eggs per year. Your 100 snails multiply 300 eggs = 30,000 snails.

Then if decide to sell 20,000 snails out of 30,000 snails for N50 (This is just a reduced price), 20,000 multiplied by N50= N1 million. Is that not good? Absolutely YES, that’s great.

From this profit analysis, you will confide with us that this is very lucrative if properly done well.


Here are step by step guide for starting snail farming in Nigeria, whether small scale snail farming or commercial snail farming in Nigeria:

(1) Housing: Construction of quality snail pens should be made with galvanized wiring net which protects the snails from predators.

Snail houses vary depending on your choice of breeds and the available space at your side. Ensure that your pens are surrounded with plants that can serve as a cover crop because they love been in a cool place.

(2) Sourcing For Snails: Don’t buy snails from market which must have been exposed to sun, because it leads to dryness of the snails. Source your snails from other snail farmers.

(3) Snail Feeding: Snail feeding cost is very low, thereby feed your snails properly, Snails are vegetarian. The love been feed with the following food: pawpaw leave, cabbage leave, banana, egg plant, pawpaw, cucumber, egg plant leaves etc.

You can also use formulated feed like mixture of maize, oyster shell, soybeans etc, This can encourage growth and productivity.

(4) Snail Mating: Snails are hermaphrodites, they consist of both a male and female sexual organ. Don’t forget to take good care of the hatchings.

(5) Marketing: Once they are matured, you can sell them off, But note that snails could be sold at any age depending on the choice of the buyer and farmer.

Market your snails to small joint, local markets, hotels, restaurants, eateries & barbeque. You can also export your snails abroad and make your money.

There are also cosmetics companies that needs snail slime for preparation of drugs and cosmetics, you can also market your snails to them.

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Snail Farming In Nigeria

How much does not cost to start a snail farm? What are the requirements needed to set up a snail farming Business in Nigeria?

Here are the cost of breeding 100 snails:

1. Construction Cost: Depends on the size you want the pen to be (whether housing form or wood cage form). It cost about N10,000 to N30,000.

2. Cost Of Labor: Cost of your labor is optional, but if added, it should be N5000.

3. Cost Of Breed: The point of lay cost about N450 each. N450 multiply 100= N45,000.

4. Feeding Cost: The formulated feeds cost N12,000 per 25kg bag. 2 bags are needed before have for 3 months. Note: This is optional.

5. Cost Of Fruits: Cost for buying fruits like pawpaw, banana, should be N3000, But you can get it for free from plant vendors.

TOTAL COST= N85,000 To N100,000. But for small scale backyard farming; you can start with N20,000 to N30,000. These are the cost of starting a snail farming in Nigeria.


Snail farming in Nigeria is very lucrative which have many opportunities you can explore in. The required capital for starting a snail farm is very low, You will need a good business plan and marketing strategies. Invest Today!!!