Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria is a lucrative venture that is producing millionaires around the world. Pig meat also known as pork is also high in demand, almost everyone loves eating the meat.

Pig farming is booming in Nigeria, if you go to eateries or hotels you will confirm that pork meat is on high demand, Then what of sausages, Pig products are used in manufacturing them. Bear it in mind that pig farming is capital intensive and they profits are also huge.

Pigs can reproduce twice in a year with 11 to 15 piglets in each pregnancy. Is that not amazing?

That is to show how profitable pig farming in Nigeria is!. Double of your investment can be made back just in a year. The popularity of pig farming is not comparable with other types of livestock farming, And it is the number one farming business contributing much to the economy of Nigeria.

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Pig farming in Nigeria has so many advantages here in this country; it contribute to employment opportunities in Nigeria, Poverty eradication, profits are very high, pork meats are very high in demand, and many other benefits.

Starting A Pig Farming In Nigeria

Here are step by step guide on how to start a pig farming in Nigeria both small scales and commercially:

(1) Secure A Land: When starting a pig farming business in Nigeria, you need to purchase a land. The size of the land depends on the size of operation. It is necessary to secure a suitable land that will fits in the pigs even in the future when the number of pigs has multiplied.

(2) The Construction: The required construction and housing such as the pig pens, boreholes, pig pool should be built.

(3) Buying Your Piglets: Source your pigs from well known suppliers or farmers, avoid buying unhealthy piglets; because that is where failure might begin. Ensure that your breeds are healthy.

(4) Feeding: Feeding is very important for adequate growth and health benefits to the pigs. Pigs consume lots of foods ranging from grains, meat, protein supplement.

It is very important to feed the piglets with proteins, that’s what they need. Give your pigs clean water and make sure their feedings are not contaminated.

(5) Marketing: Pigs are on demand in markets, hotels, eateries, restaurants and sausage production company. Present yourself to them.

And lastly go digital; we are in jet age and the modern ways of promoting your pigs is by creating awareness online through Facebook, Instagram etc.

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Pig Farming In Nigeria

How much does it cost to start up a pig farm in Nigeria? Here are vital information on the requirements and cost of starting a pig farming in Nigeria:

1. Land Cost: Land cost between N500,000 to N5,000,000.

2. Cost Of Construction: Construction of pig pens, pig pool and other housing should cost about N350,000.

3. Cost Of Piglets: Let’s go with 50 piglets (Let’s use N4000 for the cost of each piglets) 50 multiply N4000= N200,000.

4. Feeding Cost: The feedings for 7 months cost about N170,000.

5. Cost Of Labour & Logistics: This cost about N150,000.

Total: N1.5 million. Note: Land & Location are the main determinant over the cost of starting a pig farming. If you already have land, then you can start a pig farm with N500,000 to N1 million.

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Pig Farming In Nigeria PDF

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Pig farming in Nigeria is one of the best business opportunities which individuals should consider when thinking of agribusiness to start in Nigeria. Do more research, meet experienced pig farmers to get more information.

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