Cost Of Producing Nollywood Movie In Nigeria (Simple And Cheap Way)

First, you don’t need to complete your studies before stepping into film production. However, I strongly suggest finishing school first. Education is the most lasting legacy, and regardless of what you plan to accomplish in your life, you will require it. In instances where there’s no education available, It is not difficult to make a film.
Producing an “average” Nigerian movie these days is not a difficult task to accomplish.
I’ll provide an average Nigerian film production guide in the following. I’ll call it “How to create an average Nigeria film for under 200k.”
An Average Low Budget Nigeria Movie Plan, Although now things are costly but I belive it will not be as that high, with this plans it may not take you more than times two of the budget. And all these depends on the marketing of the movie.
* Create an intriguing, simple storyline that can be shot in daylight hours. No club scene, nothing indoors, no special effect, no complex visual effects, and no fancy costumes or props. Simply keep it simple. This will ensure that money won’t be used for unnecessary expenses.
Make sure to include your partners and friends. Your list of cast members should not include an extremely popular movie star who might cost you 50 percent of your spending budget. Keep your castings to you. Do not invite a famous actor. They were exactly like you did one day.
* Avoid Sophisticated Locations.
Simple scripts make sure you keep your local area in your head. Beware of locations that will cost you. Utilize your location.
* The shooting schedule you choose should not exceed two days.
Are you sure that you’re not planning a film for the season? Therefore, keep it brief and make a plan for a day or two days.
* Gadget
There’s no need for tracks, Crane, Drones, and Dolly. All you require is the camera and Boom microphone.
You’ll notice that you’ve not spent a penny so far. Your camera, and also the photographer, is where the money starts.
There is a cameraman who will provide a decent image for just $30,000. If you book for two days, that’s $60,000 for the camera as well as the quality of the work.
You’re sharing with your friends. Therefore you shouldn’t starve them. Plan to budget around 20,000 for food.
I am an expert in editing, and I can do it for you. You can also locate an editor who will pay 20k for the task. There aren’t any effects or other special effects.
Inform a female friend that you have powders or a sister to take care of it.
* Marketing
The friends you made in your film will assist you in selling it. They will return the money you invested and perhaps more. Also, upload it to YouTube or other social media platforms. All.
In your neighborhood, you’re a celebrity already.
This is how you could make a typical Nigerian film less than #200,000.

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