Consumer Rights: Meaning And Origin Of Consumer Right & Consumerism And Eight Universal Consumer Rights

Consumer is a very important person in the channel of distribution. Production is not complete till the goods produced get to the final consumer. On this article, we shall be discussing the basic universal rights of the consumer.
Right is a claim or entitlement one has in a matter or something. It is innate (natural) as well as legal in nature. This means that right is basic to human nature, hence cannot be violated without breaching the law.
Consumer rights can be described as those principles of freedom and claims that users (consumers) of particular products are entitled to enjoy.
Origin of Consumerism: Consumerism is a social and economic order which originated from the “Consumist Movement” consumer protection or consumer activism. It seeks to protect and inform consumers by insisting on proper packaging and advertising, product guarantees and improved safety standards.
Therefore consumerism seeks to protect the consumer from undue exploitation by producers and sellers of commodities.
These are the basic rights that a consumer of a particular product is entitled to:
(1) Right to safety: Goods offered to consumer as safe must have been safe. This protects the consumer from hazardous goods.
(2) Right to be properly Informed: The consumer should be properly informed so as to weigh alternative choices before taking decision on products to buy. Therefore, the consumer should be protected from misguiding advertising, publications and handbills.
(3) Right to Choose: There should be available, competing goods and services that offer alternatives in terms of price, quality, etc.
(4) Right to be Heard: The consumer should have the right to complain for wrong services or harmful goods he purchases.
(5) Right to Healthy Environment: A consumer is entitled to a very good environment while making purchases of goods and services.
(6) Right to get Value of Money Spent: Money spent by the consumer must have equal value with the product or services rendered. It is meant for the consumer to enjoy and be satisfied with his spending.
(7) Right to seek Redress: Consumer has every right to seek redress for any wrong doing arising from poor quality product or from false or misleading adverts in buying a product or service.
(8) Right to good service or treatment: It is the right of the consumer to get good treatment and better services While making purchases.

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