Conditions Necessary For Democracy To Succeed In A State

1. There must be in place, good government.
2. Willingness: A successful operation of democracy depends on the people’s willingness and desire.
3. There is the need or a well formed, educated and enlightened electorate.
4. Rule Of Law: The government should be organised, both the government and the people show respect to the rule of law.
5. Supremacy Of The Constitution: The political leaders and the citizens must be ready to abide by the provision of the constitution.
6. The government must be ready to tolerate different opposition groups in the system.
Other conditions include: openness of government activities, free and fair elections and independence of the judiciary.
Factors That Hinders Successful Operation Of Democracy In A State
1. The personal pride of the ruler or ruling class.
2. The power of the ruler’s entourage (political supporters).
3. Ignorance.
4. Lack of good models leaders.
5. Corruption of the Executives, Legislatives and Judiciary.
6. Selfishness.
7. Ethnic Sentiment – Unequak development programmer for all the states and regions.
8. Religious crises.
9. Political violence.

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