Community Service: Meaning, Involvement, Examples And Importance

Table Of Contents
1. Involvement In The Community Service
2. Age Grades Perform Social Activities
3. NYSC- National Youth Service Corps
4. The Achievements Of The (NYSC) National Youth Service Corps
5. Selflessness And Community Services
6. Importance Of Community Service In Nigeria.

Involvement In The Community Service

A community simply means a collection of families, individuals and groups living together in an area and interacting with one another.
Community can also be group of people who by chance or certain circumstances came together under separate ties. They can be associated with religious community, club or organisation. It most often relate to people living in a given geographical area and having common goals, aspirations and culture. People in a community are regularly involved in community services which are in their goals, aspirations and ideologies. Such community services can be performed by individual or group. The family as a community obliges it members in these services.
i. Socialization and Education of the young ones. Values and norms for elders, family history, talents and goodwill are inculcated in instruction and orientation of the young ones.
ii. The families perform the services of organizing members for community development projects through self-help or felt-need programmes ike sinking of water boreholes, extension of electricity supply, good road network, modern school blocks, hospitals etc. The family helps to bring her members together when any of her members dies. They involve themselves in planning execution and burial needs. This is a natural responsibility of the family members.
Communal services in rural communities involve young men and youths. Organized Age Grades or groups form associations which memberships are drawn from, are born within an age bracket.

Age Grade Perform Social Activities In These Ways

i. They help in the implementation of laws made by the councils of elders often referred to as gerontocracy.
ii. Helping in the protection of lives and property of the inhabitants of the area.
iii. Organisation local labour force the cultivation of food and cash crop.
iv. Other functions including making pathways to the farms, construction of markets, carrying of corpses to the burial sites.
v. Checking of each other’s behaviour.
vi. Running errands or summoning the council of elders or the title holders to meet in cases of murder, arson, stealing or breaking of taboo or killing of a totem(animal).
vii. Age grades also perform civic obligations of building market squares, civic halls, soccer pitches, classroom blocks, award if scholarships etc.
viii. Construction of bridges and culverts across area that pose great damage to human life.

NYSC-National Youth Service Corps

In Nigeria, community services are performed by these groups; National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Defense Corps, the police and others. The National Youth Service Corps( NYSC) This programme was established by the military regime of General Yakubu Gowon in 1973. The programme was borne out of the need to promote the unity and peaceful co-existence among Nigerians especially the youths through shared experience and suitable training.

The Achievements Of The (NYSC) National Youth Service Corps

a. It made the young graduates more knowledgeable about their fatherland.
b. It also encouraged mobility of labour.
c. It helped in promoting mutual understanding and unity in Nigeria.
d. It also helped to remove ethnics fears among the participating corps members.
e. Ethnic barriers have been broken in marriage, economic and cultural activities, by NYSC projects and programmes.

Selflessness And Community Services

Selflessness, which is an act or culture of doing things that are beneficial to others irrespective of personal costs, is a great value which society advocates. It is closely related to community services, one is expected to devote one’s time, talent, treasures and ideas in the task of building the community. These selfless efforts may be geared toward constructing community roads, bridges, school, hospital markets or civic centers.
An individual or group of people belonging to organization, formation or institutions may engage in corporal work of mercy in order to better the lots of others. They may decide to give scholarships to indigent students or the less privileged ones like the Rochas Foundation school programme that offer free education from primary through secondary to tertiary institutions. Some may donate to on-going projects, supply medical equipment and personnel to public health centers or even help government and churches complete on-going projects.

Importance Of Community Service In Nigeria

a. It creates a sense of unity, oneness, and understanding in the society.
b. It promotes rapid growth and development.
c. Communal service creates awareness of inculcating good moral values.
d. It is the right approach to inculcate the right sense of responsibility in people.
e. It is an awareness of promoting communal bonds and cohesion.
f. It gives a sense of identity to the people embarking on it.
g. It promotes national integration among the different ethnic groups in Nigeria.
h. It is an avenue for discovering talents among the youths.