Communalism: Meaning & Definition Of Communalism And Features Of Communalism

Table Of Contents

  • Definition Of Communalism
  • References
  • Features Of Communalism

Meaning Of Communalism
Communalism can be defined as a political and economic arrangement which emphasizes on collective ownership of means of production and resources.
The community agreed that the school co-operate and come together to harness their resources together for the good of everyone. Explanation is out of place and there is existence of love and oneness among the community. In communalism everybody is part of the government and there was no need for political parties which create division.
Features Of Communalism
1. There is collective ownership of the resources.
2. Individuals are given opportunities to participate in community development.
3. Landed properties are collectively owned by the community and there is no private ownership.
4. There is no room for exploitation.
5. A relationship exist among the people.
6. There is self government, public issues are raised and discussed openly.
7. Decisions are jointly taken in the society.

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