Commercial Occupation: Meaning And Types Of Commercial Occupation In Commerce

Commercial Occupation

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  • Meaning Of Commercial Occupation
  • Types Of Commercial Occupation

What Is Commercial Occupation (Commerce)

This is the process of buying, selling and distribution of goods and services. It includes all occupation that are concerned with trade and other activities that will ensure effective services.

These services are referred to as AUXILARIES (AID) to trade E.g banking, insurance, advertising, transportation etc.

Those in this category helps to distribute goods and materials produced by the industries.

Types Of Commercial Occupation

1. Trading: People engaged in the act of buying and selling of goods and services when trading activities occur with a country, wholesalers and retailer are engaged while foreign trade involve import and export.

2. Insurance: This is a security made against loss. It is the protection against loss or liabilities suffered in the day to day business operation. In return of premiums, individual and co-operate organizations are compensated from losses arising from fire, floods, accident etc.

3. Banking: This makes commerce possible by making fund available to assist people in their daily purchases and capital for embarking on industrial activities.

4. Advertising: Advertising is the process of creating awareness in the minds of the public about the existence of goods.

5. Transportation: Transportation provides the means of carrying raw materials, finished goods and people from one place to another.

6. Warehousing: This is the type of commercial occupation which ensures that goods produced are stored until they are needed. Warehousing as an important aspect of commerce aimed at seeing that there is regular and steady supply of goods.

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7. Tourism: This aid trade by affording tourists trading opportunities.

8. Communication: This is a means of sending and receiving information from one place to another supplier and customers can be easily linked through communication services. E.g Telecommunication system has also eased and fastened contacts between people within commercial centre and all over the world.

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