Information About Starting A Coffee Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a coffee farming in Nigeria? Do you want to know the step by step guide on how to set up a coffee farm in Nigeria? Here on this article, we’ve prepared a quality write-up on how to get started.
Research has shown that coffee is among the top 5 consumed products in the world. Coffee production involves the process of converting the raw fruit of coffee fruit into the finished main coffee. Coffee production also have an added advantage to the economy of the country as it serves as a source of income to the country. Revenues can be increased by coffee farmers and countries through coffee farming.
(1) Preparing The Land: It is very important to choose land that is suitable for coffee production. The Land should be sloppy (But not much), deep, fertile and well aerated. The soil should be rich in organic matter. Ensure that the weeds, unwanted trees and shrubs should be cleared. Mark out the field using pegs, although it depends on the size of land.
Before planting the seedlings, you should dig holes of 60 cm deep by 60 cm long, make sure that the top soil is placed on the upper side and the sub soil on the lower side. Put about 10kg (1 tin) of manure per the planting holes. The holes should be filled back two months before planting. Don’t forget to fix stick in the middle of the closed holes to know where to plant the plantlets.
(2) Planting: Planting should be done during the rainy season. The seedlings should be watered the day before planting. Remove the stick you put in the middle of the closed holes and plant the seedlings. Note: It is very important to buy already raised seedlings (plantlets) for quick growth. The new plants should be watered immediately and for at least 3 days in the evening if there is no rainfall. Shades should be provided for the newly planted seedlings.
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(3) Transplanting: The plants should be inter-cropped as soon as their leaves are up to 6. Don’t forget to fertilize the soil after transplanting. The coffee plant will start bearing fruits after 18 months.
What Are The Coffee Varieties:
There are four major coffee varieties which are:
i. The Robusta Coffee
ii. The Arabica Coffee
iii. The Excelsa Coffee
iv. The Liberica Coffee.
The Robusta and Arabica are the most popular and consumed coffee in Nigeria and in the world.
Coffee farming in Nigeria is a profitable venture. Harvest barely start within 35 months after planting. Harvest them once they are matured, soak, wash & dry them under the sun for 8 days. Ensure they are dried enough, then remove the outer parchment & the silver skin And you will see something like green beans, Roast the green bean for 10 to 12 minutes in dryers.
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