Clifford Constitution Of 1922: Objective And Features

The Nigerians protested against the Nigerian council established by lord lugard in 1914 because of so many effect it had.
However, in 1922, Clifford constitution was adopted to replace the legislative council in lagos colony. The constitution among other things introduced the following:
1. It increased the number of the Legislative and Executive Council respectively.
2. It introduced elective principle into Nigeria country for the first time.
3. The constitution made it compulsory that the eligible male voters must have E100.
Features Of The 1922 Constitution
Clifford Constitution had the following features:
1. The political division of the country into southern and northern provinces each with its own Governor.
2. An executive council for the whole of the colony and the protectorate of Nigeria.
3. A legislative council which was authorised to make law for the maintenance of peace, order and good government in the colony and southern protectorate. Its authority was not extended to the North. Four of the unofficial members were to be elected; three to represent Lago Area and one to represent Calabar.
4. The Governor by ordinance was to provide for the administration of Justice, raising of revenue and in General for the peace, order and good governance of Northern Nigeria.
5. The governor was empowered, at his own discretion to apply to the northern province any ordinance passed by the legislative council and to make laws that will apply to the northern provinces.
6. It stipulated residential and income qualifications for the electors.
7. Introduction of elective principle.
8. No African were found into the executive Council.

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