Classification Of Animals (Livestock) According To Mode Of Feeding, Where Animal Live & Uses

Classification Based On Mode Of Feeding
There are three ways of grouping farm animals. They are either grouped based on their feeding habit, where they live or their uses.
Some farm animals have complex stomachs and eat grasses, these are called ruminants. Others have simple stomachs and cannot eat grasses, they are called non-ruminants. Examples of ruminants are Goat, Cow etc. Examples of Non-ruminants are Cat, Rat, Dog, Hen etc.
Classification Based On Where Animals Live
Some animals live on land while others live in water.
1. Animals That Live On Land:
Animals that live on land include the ruminants and non-ruminants that we have just mentioned (Goat, Cow, Cat, Dog, Rat, Hen etc).
2. Animals That Live In Water
Animals that live in water are crab, prawn, octopus, oyster, turtle, sea urchin, periwinkle etc.
Classification Based On Uses
All the animals that we have discussed as ruminants and non-ruminants are Meat Producers. Pig is for production of pork, Cow for production of beef.
Ruminants animals like cow and some goats are for Milk Production.
For Egg Production: Other animals that are egg producers are turkeys, pigeons and duck.
Work Animals: Camel and Donkey do different tasks on the farm. This kind of farm power is commonly used in some of the northern states of Nigeria.
Camels transport farm produce across the deserts.
Oxen (bulls) drag ploughs to cultivate the farmland.
Donkeys are used to transport farm produce from farm to market places or homes of farmers.

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