Citizenship Education: Meaning, Duties, Obligations and Reasons For Studying Citizenship Education

Civic Education
Topic: Citizenship Education
Table of Contents

  • Meaning Of Citizenship Education
  • Reasons For Studying Citizenship Education
  • Duties And Obligations Of Citizens To His Communities

What Is Citizenship Education?
Citizenship education is the study of legal rights in relation to the ways in which a citizen behaves as the creates to help his community.
Reasons For Studying Citizenship Education
1. To produce students who are aware of their rights and responsibilities.
2. To have citizen who are informed about the social and political world.
3. To train/raise citizens who are capable of having influence on the world.
4. To raise citizens who are concerned about the welfare of others.
5. To produce citizens who are active in their community.
6. To raise people who are responsible on how they act as citizen.
Duties And Obligations Of Citizens To His Communities
1. Volunteer in fighting in the armed forces: Citizens enroll into the army to defend their country/community from enemies or invaders.
2. Paying Of taxes, levies etc: Citizen are expected to pay their taxes and developmental levies willingly and promptly. Taxes can come from the government while levies are shared to develop society and communities.
3. Being loyal to our community/country by obeying the customary rules, regulation and norms: If customs are obeyed, there will be peace, unity, love and progress.
4. Take care, preserve, protect and conserve community natural resources and government infrastructural installation in our society: If the natural resources are conserved, they will help in the development of the country.
5. Help the communities/countries to develop and grow: This could be achieved by the citizen’s during their civic and cultural responsibilities.
6. Keep our surrounding clean: It beholds on the citizens living in a community to keep their surrounding’s clean to guard against any diseases and infections.

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