Child Development: Meaning Of Growth And Development & Stages Of Development

Table Of Contents

  • What Is Development?
  • Meaning Of Growth And Development
  • Stages Of Development:
  • -Physical Development
  • -Intellectual Development
  • -Social Development
  • -Emotional Development
  • -Moral Development

(You Will Also Know The Difference Between Growth And Development)
Meaning Of Development
Development is a patterned and continous process with predictable sequence that has unique course for every child.
Meaning Of Growth And Development In Home Economics
Growth can be defined as physical change in child’s body size or a particular part of the body of a child.
Development is a progressive acquisition of various skills such as holding up his/her head, speaking, holding toes, climbing, standing etc.
Growth and Development processes go together but at different rates.
Growth is reasonable and can be measured by weight, height, the eruption of teeth, head, upper arm etc.
Stages Of Development
There are five types of development. Namely;
1. Physical Development:
Physical Development is the physical growth that starts from the human foetus and continues to adolescence. It is a visible development which can be observed and measured.
2. Intellectual Development:
Intellectual Developmetn is the child’s ability to think, reason and understand his word.
Intellectual Development starts shortly after birth, at this stage, babies learn to use their brain to play, respond to their parents, siblings and people around them and also familarize themselves with their environment.
3. Social Development:
Social Development refers to child’s relationship with others. Social Development implies learning the norms and values and skills that enables children to interact effectively with people around them, the family school and other community.
4. Emotional Development:
Emotional Development is growth in child’s ability to express feelings in acceptable ways to parents, siblings etc.
5. Moral Development:
Moral Development involves children learning a system of rules that guide human behaviour.
Difference between Growth and Development is that:
Growth is the physical child in child’s body size while Development has to do with the progress in various skills of a child, it can ve kneeling, standing, walking etc.
Stages Of Development In Home Economics Are: Physical development, Intellectual development, Social development, Emotional development and Moral development.

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