Cheapest Way To Start A Grocery Provision Store In Nigeria

To Start A Grocery Provision Store In Nigeria

Grocery stores are provision stores (mainly operated by Igbo Traders) that sell drinks and other provisions within your local area. They’re very useful. They are so useful that it can be difficult in a community with no. Do you know how to begin a grocery Provision store business in Nigeria?

Opening the first food store in Nigeria is extremely easy. I will go over the procedure in this post, but before that, let’s look at the benefits of grocery stores across the vast majority of Nigerian communities.

Imagine the everyday life of the neighborhood.

You go inside the bathroom for a bath, only to find no soap. You wrap your towel around your waistline, walk the street, and purchase soap from nearby grocery stores. It’s very convenient!

You’re making soup in the kitchen, and you were looking to include Maggi (a popular label for seasoning), but you didn’t have any. You rush into your room to select N20 and then send the little girl off to Maggi at the nearby store. In less than two minutes, she returns with cubes of Maggi ready to go into the soup pot with vegetables.

Here are a few reasons grocery stores are essential establishments in every neighborhood.

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It is easy to shop within the community and earn lots of money. The business is so profitable that a good, small-sized grocery store can earn an on average N5,000 as a daily profit. Certain items are sold for only N5 gain, while others sell with N500 gain. When you take everything in at the end of your business day, you’ll be surprised by the profits you earn.

Provision items are among the top-selling products in every Nigerian market. As with food items is a business that is not tied to a seasonal calendar. It can be sold yearly, whether with money or no strikes. This is why the business is considered to be very sustainable because whatever you earn every day as a profit could remain the same throughout the year or may even grow.

To Start A Grocery Provision Store In Nigeria

What You Need to Start a Grocery Provision Store in Nigeria

Rent a Shop

Set up a shop in an area that is in good condition. Any place where people are is a great location, especially if people live in a neighborhood. The size of the shop you rent is determined by how much money on your pocket and the size you want to begin. Choose wisely and ensure you get a decent one at a good place.

Shopping isn’t expensive in the areas, between N60,000 and N100,000. This will give a single adequate shop if you want to double-shop as some, like, budget for N120,000-N200,000. Once you have purchased your shop can furnish it with the best. Furniture is a part of

Install Floor Tires

Most of the time, the floor of your shop might not be worn out, but you should fix the tires for several reasons (1) to beautify your shop and make it more attractive, (2) to prevent insects and ants from digging holes in the ground and destroying your shop. Insects can ruin many of your products, such as biscuits, sugar, drinks, and other items.

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Install Store Shelf

There are a variety of shelves. They are all made from wood, others constructed from aluminum, and some from iron. Wooden is the most popular and most frequently employed. You can find a variety of wooden shelves as well. Some are polished with materials, while others are made hurriedly. The choice you make is crucial when it comes to this.

Fix Tables

Perhaps at least two tables might be adequate based upon the dimensions of your store. The most crucial is the cashier’s table. You can also add two tables for the display of products.


It is essential to paint your shop with top-quality paint. If a shop is properly coated and the floor tires have been repaired, it will stop insects, ants, and rats from destroying your grocery shop.

Installation of lighting

Remembering how vital lighting is for the workplace, it is not necessary. It allows you to quickly identify the location of your goods in the dark and then swiftly search to get them. When a shop is lit, it draws more clients.

Air conditioner

Apart from personal comfort and ease, the air conditioning can help preserve your possessions and keeps unwanted invaders from entering your home. Customers feel more comfortable shopping in a shop that is a good fit for AC. So, make sure to install at the very least one.


A refrigerator is essential to keep your juices and soft drinks cool when shopping for groceries. Nowadays, nobody purchases drinks or juices that aren’t cold. You should purchase a refrigerator to market drinks, juices, or pure water.

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Make sure you have enough stock in your shop with items.

Once you have all of these in place, the final step is to head to the market to purchase your products. Wholesale prices are fixed wherever food items are sold wholesale; though some retailers sell certain items slightly higher or lower, the prices are generally the same.

You can find the supply wholesalers at the most important marketplaces in Nigeria. Once you set up your business, you will receive supplies from producers of certain goods that typically move from street to street that supply shops.

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