Cheap Mba In London

An MBA degree can help you advance in your job, but it can be expensive. We’ve compiled a list of the UK’s five cheapest MBA degrees so you can pick a program that fits your budget. Fees are for UK/EU Home students starting their course in 2021/22 and studying full-time on campus.

A Master of Business Administration is one of the most in-demand degrees among business professionals. The MBA is well-known around the world for improving your skills and developing the flair needed for managing and motivating people, but it may be an expensive process financially.

There are numerous small and private universities, particularly in the London area, that offer low-cost MBA programs to international students. Many of these colleges offer MBA degree programs that are accredited with universities and are a less expensive option for international students, with tuition rates starting at roughly £7,000.


What is Mba?

The MBA is a respected postgraduate degree that provides an overview of key business processes and is highly valued by top organizations.

While MBAs are at the same level of study as other Masters degrees, they are typically pursued after a few years of work experience rather than immediately following a bachelor’s degree.

An MBA can lead to a higher salary, a better professional reputation, and a significantly larger network of business contacts. If you’re a recent graduate looking for a high-flying executive position, an MBA may be the answer.

But be warned: MBAs are costly and academically demanding. Before you take the plunge, you must be assured that it is the best option for you.


Types of Mba

To begin, you must determine which MBA program best meets your present level of experience, living circumstances, and career objectives. The following are the main categories of courses:

  • General MBA (or just ‘MBA’) – is the best option if you already have some business experience (typically three years) and want to advance your career by breaking into management, finance, or corporate strategy.
  • Executive (EMBA) – generally studied part-time, this program is for those who are already in corporate management and want to move up to the boardroom.
  • Specialist MBA – this is ideal if you have some managerial experience and want to enter or advance in a certain industry or field.
  • Distance learning MBA – often known as an online MBA, this is great if you are unable to attend university full-time and prefer to fit your education around other personal and professional obligations.
  • MBA without work experience – is perfect if you have recently graduated or are changing careers and want to take your initial steps towards a management career but lack considerable work experience.


Tremendous Benefits of Cheap Mba in London

  • Affordable
  • No previous work experience is necessary.
  • In London, students can work up to 20 hours per week to support themselves while studying.
  • A globally recognized London university diploma
  • Intensive courses that take 12 to 18 months to complete
  • Senior management positions are available.


Some Vital Information about studying Cheap Mba in London

  • The duration is between 12 and 18 months.
  • 2 years of work experience is typically required, though not always.
  • A 6.0 IELTS score is required.
  • Several intakes are scheduled throughout the year.
  • If you do not meet the entry requirements, there is a pre-MBA option.
  • The average MBA tuition expense is £14,000.

Cheap Mba In London

List of Universities offering cheap Mba in London

10. Ulster University 

Ulster University at night costs £10,410.

MBA students at Ulster University can learn from senior executives and managing directors who have worked for firms ranging from Microsoft to First Trust Bank, Invest NI, and Suki Tea. Students can discuss theories and explore ideas in an interactive lecture format.

Ulster University offers a variety of MBA programs.

9. University of the Highlands and Islands

£9,900 at the moment.

Starting in January 2022, the University of the Highlands and Islands will offer two full-time MBA programs on campus: the Executive MBA and the Aviation MBA. Ethics and future preparation are the focus of common core modules. Aviation safety or airport operations are specializations, as are strategy, reporting, and social media awareness in the Executive MBA.

The University of the Highlands and Islands offers MBA programs.

8. London South Bank University

£9,880 at the moment.

The MBA with International Management at London South Bank University investigates management in a worldwide setting with the goal of creating an international network. Managing Virtual Work, a key topic for many firms in recent years, is one of the optional modules.

Browse London South Bank University’s MBA programs.

7. University of Gloucestershire

£9,850 at the moment.

Through workshops, seminars, and other instructional modalities, professionals from a variety of backgrounds share their expertise with MBA students at the University of Gloucestershire. You won’t have to spend a bunch to learn how to succeed in company leadership because of the low fees.

Browse the University of Gloucestershire’s MBA programs.

6. Bath Spa University

£9,500 at the moment.

Bath Spa University’s Bath Business School is one of the UK’s newest business schools. Its MBA in Leadership and Management program includes funded international experience and Chartered Management Institute accreditation.

Browse MBA programs at Bath Spa University.

5. London Metropolitan University

£9,300 at the moment.

You’ll gain from thoughtful, experience-based learning if you study for the London Met MBA. You could be in charge of social responsibility-related projects. Low fees make life a little simpler for postgraduate students in the costly English city.

Browse London Metropolitan University’s MBA programs.

4. York St. John University

£9,000 at the moment.

York St John University offers both an MBA and an Executive MBA program. You have the option of studying at York or on the London campus. The courses combine theory and practice with a strong focus on employability and are informed by industry insights.

Browse York St John University’s MBA programs.

3. University of Bolton

£8,500 at the moment.

The University of Bolton fosters and develops analysis, synthesis, invention, and other important attributes of successful business professionals. MBA students are taught by academics as well as practicing business professionals, giving a practical education.

Explore MBA programs at the University of Bolton.

2. University of Wales Trinity Saint David

£7,500 at the moment.

The MBA course at Trinity St David’s Swansea Business School is ideal if you want to achieve an internationally relevant qualification while expanding on previously learned skills and knowledge.

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David offers MBA programs.

1.University of Worcester

£7,290 at the moment

The University of Worcester offers the cheapest MBA in the UK for 2021/22. Graduates from any discipline will be able to expand their knowledge of business leadership, whether they want to start their own company or work in management. Managing across cultures, leadership and change management, and cybersecurity and the online market are all available in addition to fundamental management modules.

Browse the University of Worcester’s MBA programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Mba involve?

MBA programs are available in UK universities in full-time, part-time, and distance learning/online formats. Full-time MBA programs typically last 12 to 15 months and begin in September, however some courses are longer and begin in January. Part-time study, on the other hand, is more common because MBA students are frequently already employed and wish to continue working throughout the course.

Programs are often demanding, with core and elective modules as well as a dissertation or work-based project. Exams, essays, and group activities will be used to evaluate you. You’ll learn how to manage operations, create a marketing strategy, plan strategically, lead a team, and read and evaluate financial reports.

Many degrees also provide chances for work experiences and international study.

When should I take Mba?

An MBA is not a first-year management degree. It is often taken by professionals with at least three years of business and management experience following their undergraduate studies. Students in top-ranked MBA programs are typically between the ages of 27 and 30. This means you’ll be learning alongside other business professionals who can offer advice.

When you’re ready to further your career, whether it’s at your current workplace or elsewhere, consider getting an MBA.

Executive MBAs are typically pursued by more senior executives, with a minimum degree of experience of up to ten years.

What are the requirements?

A 2:1 undergraduate degree is normally required for a general MBA, while a 2:2 is occasionally accepted. If you don’t have a degree, but have substantial and great professional experience, you might be able to gain a spot.

Business schools typically require at least three years of relevant post-graduate job experience, with executive MBAs requiring between five and ten years. You’ll be required to take an entrance exam for many general MBA programs, usually the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

The majority of top-ranked MBA programs in the UK and overseas are taught in English. If English isn’t your first language, you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding by taking a recognized test like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

How do I Apply for Cheap Mba in London?

Because class sizes are maintained small, especially at the top business schools, getting into an MBA program is a difficult procedure. If you want to succeed, the quality of your application is critical. You must explain why you are taking the course, what you intend to gain from it, and your career goals, since these will all be taken into account.

The majority of applications are submitted via the university’s website. You’ll need to supply information about your academic and professional qualifications, as well as the contact information for two referees (one academic and one professional). You may also be required to submit the results of an admissions test, such as the GMAT. Learn how to ace your GMAT exam.



The United Kingdom has some of the greatest MBA universities in the world, all of which provide a cheap MBA. In 2017, over 120,000 international students enrolled in MBA programs in the United Kingdom. In terms of proportion, foreign MBA students accounted for 27% of all international students in the United Kingdom. 

College fees are the largest source of financial hardship for international MBA students in the United Kingdom. Business schools are free to determine their own pricing structures for overseas students, so expect to see a variety of international MBA fees in the UK.


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