Causes And 10 Solutions To Insecurity In Nigeria

The causes and solutions to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria: The insecurity that exists in Nigeria is growing rapidly with every passing day. Terrorism and insecurity are major problems facing the Nigerian government in recent times, each of which results in the loss of lives and property destruction.

Insecurity is taking different forms in different parts of the country. Amed criminals have established themselves within the southwest region, and cross-border bandits are thriving within the northern region, whereas kidnapping incidents are commonplace within the southern region. Corrupt individuals in various sectors fuel Nigeria’s insecurity problem.

Nigeria is one of the world’s most oppressive nations. The rate at which evil is increasing within Nigeria and the brutal way that the lives of innocents are being lost are alarming. People are constantly afflicted with psychological and emotional trauma resulting from losing loved ones who became victims.

In this article, we will examine possible solutions to the security issue in Nigeria.

Insecurity and security issues In Nigeria

Insecurity is a cause In Nigeria.

1. Poor Governance: The growing violent incidents result from Nigeria’s ineffective, marginal, or abusive governments. The inability of the government to provide services for the public and meet the needs of the people has led to an angry group that can be identified as violent in any circumstance.

The causes of insecurity In Nigeria

2. Poverty: The inability of Nigerian governments to tackle the problems of poverty and the uneven distribution of wealth between ethnic minorities is a major factor in the nation’s vulnerability. If you have a low population, you’re dealing with an extremely serious issue with security.

3. Terrorism or kidnapping is the act of violence to accomplish political objectives or to compel a government to take action. Boko Haram is the most known terrorist group that has caused the nation the most destruction. Nigeria has claimed the lives of many in the northern regions due to the Boko Haram uprising, which destroyed the country’s northern region.

Causes and Solutions to Insecurity in Nigeria

Other terrorist acts include suicide bombings, assassinations, and kidnapping. Terrorist actions have led to displacement, loss of lives or property, hatred and anger, emotional and psychological trauma, and general fear.

4. A weak judiciary system: The insufficiency of the Nigerian judiciary system has created anxiety in Nigeria. The public is worried after criminals have been released. A lot of criminals have purchased their freedom using money from the country. However, the legal system has abandoned its citizens and released various crimes.

5. Corruption: Corruption has become an everyday occurrence in Nigeria and, unfortunately, is now a component of Nigeria’s economic challenges and public confiscation. It is gaining traction in the system of government we have.

Solutions to Insecurity in Nigeria

This causes financial instability, which has led to increased poverty. Additionally, there are corruption issues in public offices at all levels. This has led to an abundance of instability throughout our society.

6. Statistics on unemployment: One-tenth of the Nigerians’ young people are officially unemployed. Young people are in awe of the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Every year, Nigerian universities produce many graduates placed on the market with no jobs.

It has also led many to commit crimes. Due to poor government policies, the factories in Nigeria are not being reactivated. Nigerians are drawn to violent criminality because of the high unemployment rate.

7. A poor security system This is due to inadequate security equipment for the government, as well as training. It is a factor in the insufficiency of security personnel. Often, security officers assigned specific security issues are not equipped with the necessary experience and expertise to deal with situations, so they don’t arise.

8. The porous border: Nigeria is part of the borders shared by Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali. Nigerian customs and immigration authorities do not adequately protect the borders. The vulnerability of these borders has led to the potential spread of terrorist activities in Nigeria. Since Nigeria is a country of terror, there is insufficient growth.

9. Religion and ethnic groups It is important to remember that Nigeria’s ethnic mix isn’t by itself the cause of security concerns for Nigeria.

How can we solve the issue of insecurity within Nigeria

However, religious and political leaders from across the country often employ ethnic sentiments to further their selfish goals, causing discord and anger between different religions and ethnic groups.

Solutions to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria

1. Solidified border security The federal government has to confront the immediate issue of border porosity. The federal government must concerted efforts to train, recruit and deploy properly equipped immigration and customs personnel across the borders. The government must invest in more efficient security technology to enhance security at the border.

What are the Causes of the Insecurity in Nigeria

These include body cameras, Smart license plate readers, intelligent car underbody scanners, and more. Border guards responsible for helping protect the border should have access to the resources to allow them to perform their job effectively.

2. Human and Infrastructure Development: We must capitalize on the dividends of population growth by investing in education, health, and livelihoods, specifically for our youth. It is essential to create a national development plan that requires three levels of government. Development projects should be planned that simultaneously cover important aspects of the nation’s life.

Insecurity in Nigeria, Causes, Effects, and Solutions

The authorities should also boost people’s living standards by creating more facilities for business across the nation.

3. Development of leadership: Nigeria should develop visionary leadership. These positions are for those who can communicate to their followers the concept of equal citizenship as a transcendent value for all Nigerians regardless of gender, tribe, or religion, as well as social or economic status. This emphasizes facts and declarations that are convincing and positively impact the citizens of our country.

The process of developing this leadership can be difficult. However, our country requires leaders with an international perspective and a determination to transform the country.

4. Good Governance is the solution to Nigeria’s security challenges. Good governance is essential that governments are accountably accountable to the citizens. Good governance results from a sense of foresight and effectiveness, integrity, transparency, and credible political leadership, with the primary goal of enhancing people’s general health through well-designed and well-implemented human development and economic programs. People are the main goal of governance. It’s time to end unproductive behavior and bad political strategies to allow the country to be peaceful.

5. Growth in the Economy: The country’s economic performance and opportunities for the citizens of Nigeria need to be enhanced. The problem of security within Nigeria is a problem that can be addressed through the acceleration of the development of our country.

The development of this type is about creating a socially relevant economic system that provides a physical and economic infrastructure to support business activities and industrial development so that we can create sustainable jobs, top-quality educational facilities, and health care for the population.

6. Elimination of corruption: It is the reason for inequity and the uneven distribution of wealth among nations to their citizens. All levels of corruption are to be eliminated in that equal rights are guaranteed to everyone and that the rights and privileges for all are not decided by bribery or tribe, but rather on merit determined by their character content and their mental performance as well as their performance; and where there is no distinction.

7. Establishing a proactive agency in law enforcement It is essential to gather and analyze data so that law enforcement officers can be proactive and anticipate possible crimes with near-perfect precision and not react. All levels of government must not be sloppy in enforcing laws.

Law enforcement agencies need to prevent and regulate behavior that could endanger property and life, as well as ensure constitutional rights such as freedom of assembly and expression, resolve disputes between people or between citizens and their governments, and spot issues that could be more severe for authorities or individuals.

7. proper security training and the right equipment Attention should be given to security personnel to align with international standards and facilitate the introduction of the latest technology.

Modernizing security agencies with proper training, modern technology, motivation, and a change of direction is essential.

8. Affordable education: Education is essential for any type of growth. Education is the process of training, teaching, and learning, particularly at universities and schools to increase knowledge and improve skills.

This is extremely important to do with national development. It’s time to realize that education without knowledge is an injustice at the top degree. It is essential to modify the curriculum we use and reorganize our educational institutions, from primary to tertiary. The government must incorporate skills development as an integral educational course. Also, it must provide students with the opportunity to acquire these skills.

9. Improved Criminal justice system should have established time frames for cases currently in our development. There was a time for determining the reason, time to conclude the case and time to issue a judgment.

Solutions to the problem of insecurity In Nigeria

Thus, the government should ensure that the criminal proceedings are successful in completing the criminal proceedings. Criminals can serve their full sentences if they are found guilty. The accused are brought before the courts sooner. Documents about the procedure must be accessible to lawyers and the public in digital format. Also, filing a criminal case should be simplified, with greater consideration given to victims.


The effective formulation of and implementation of programs and guidelines that address the fundamental reasons for uncertainty in Nigeria is vital, particularly concerning poverty. Environmental degradation, unemployment inequity, corruption, insecure borders, and the proliferating of small arms.

Therefore, efforts to fight insecurity will only succeed when there is a strong combination of judicial and legislative interference with reforms by the government that address important security concerns that affect a significant portion of the people.


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