Buy Snails In Nigeria At Cheaper Rate (Snail Prices In Nigeria)

Snail is one of the popular consumed product in Nigeria. Here are the current prices for snails in Nigeria for those that want to buy either for business or for consumption:
Note: These prices are currently for Achatina Marginata (AM Snails).
1. Snail Eggs: N50 per one.
2. Newly Hatched (One Month Old): N100 per one.
3. Starters (4 to 6 months old): N200 per one.
4. Point Of Lays (POL) (7 to 9 months old): N300 per one.
5. Biggest Size: N500 per one.
The Best Categories For Snail Farming As A Beginner Are:
1. The Point Of Lays (POL)
2. The Starters.
Any farmer that wants to start from newly hatch or little snails can go for:
1. Newly Hatched
2. Eggs And
3. Starters
The Higher The Order, The Prices Reduces:
1. For Point Of Lays (POL)
1. 50 Point Of Lays = N15,000
2. 100 Point Of Lays = N29,000 Instead Of N30,000
3. 500 Point Of Lays = N130,000 Instead Of N150,000
4. 1000 Point Of Lays = N250,000 Instead Of N300,000.
2. For Starters
1. 50 Starters = N10,000
2. 100 Starters = N19,000 Instead Of N20,000
3. 500 Starters = N80,000 Instead Of N100,000
4. 1000 Starters = N150,000 Instead Of N200,000
Note: Other Farmers Sells Higher But We Sell At Lower Rate.
Transportation Cost Or Waybill Cost
Depending On The Quantity And Location, Transportation Cost (Waybill) Varies From N3000 to N7000.
Our Snail Farming WhatsApp Training
Out Quality WhatsApp Training Cost Only N1000, Is very affordable. Do you want to partake? If Yes, Pay only N1000 to this account below:
Account Name: Victor Chidera
Account Number: 3103971376
Bank Name: FirstBank
Once you make payment of N1000, Send your Name, Email, Phone Number To 07053407946, You will get the package where we have written the snail farming training within 12 hours and also you will be added to our Training Group.
Buy Snails Now With Us
My Name Is Mr Victor Chidera Co-partner with Orente Agric Ventures And Founder Of TIPSINFLUENCER. Other snail farmers sells at higher rate. Our prices here are cheaper compared with other snail farms.
Do you need good quality snails (Point Of Lays Or Starters)? Call us on 07053407946 Or WhatsApp us On 07053407946 for more Enquiries.
Here Also Is Our Account Details
Account Name: Victor Chidera
Account Number: 3103971376
Bank Name: FirstBank
Our Prices For Snails Has Been Stated Already. Once you make payment for snails, just send us evidence on WhatsApp (07053407946) together with your Full Address, Name, And Phone Number. We will now tell you the waybill fee depending on the quantity and location (It varies from N3000 to N7000).

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