Business Ideas For Graduates In Ghana

Do you want to find the best business idea after graduation? Or Want to know the business
ideas for graduates In Ghana? We know you’ll like it. Then read this guide from start to finish you’ll have the list of business ideas for graduates in Ghana.
Unemployment is really a serious issue in Ghana. The government appears to be the largest employer of labor.
According to recent statistics from a survey, above 39 percent of Ghanaian graduates are employed. As we are writing this article right now, more and more Ghanaian Graduates, graduate every year and thereby increasing the number in an already existing unemployment graduate in the country.
With the business ideas for Ghanaian graduate, you have the option to get out of the list of
unemployed. Here is what is the good new Despite the negative on employment, there are some positives for the Ghanaian graduate in the aspect of business. Many are willing to start their business.
According to our research, 40% of Ghana’s employment, and 40% of its industrial output. and contributing about 40.54% of the GDP according to the enterprise baseline survey. With the business ideas for graduates in Ghana, you have the option to get out of the list of unemploy graduate.
The problem is, there are many small business ideas for the unemployed graduate. Which one will work has always been the issue. In this article, We
want to share with you the top ten (10) business ideas for young Ghanaian graduate. When taken seriously, serious money can be made from it.
However, this is not a guarantee quick way to make money in Ghana, but you need to take it one step at a time.
Top 10 Business Ideas for
Ghana Graduates
There are several Business ideas for Ghana graduates which one that you’ll use will depend on your interest:
1. Blogging:
You can create your own blog and start writing quality articles. You can write on anything especially the topic/niche you have great knowledge about. In
Ghana, there is a niche that is really hot and are among the search topics. These include dating, latest movies, career tips, business, make money online, entertainment and celebrity gossip. This business will cost you low capital to start.
Trying to stand out from the crowd is what will make you build a great influence in the niche. When blogging, always try to write longer articles of at least 800+ words. This is the type of article that stands out and make you appear in the top 10 search
engine. The more organic traffic you get the great will be your conversion.
Use long tail keywords whenever you write your article, this reveals the user intent which makes it increasingly possible to increase conversion.
2) Screen Printing Business:
Screen printing business is one of the lucrative business ideas for graduates that require small
startup capital. Screen printing is the act of printing with the aid of a screen. Jersey number and names, branded polo shirt, customize handkerchiefs as souvenirs, stickers and so on are all printed using screen printing.
As small businesses, grows, they’ll begin to create their own custom items. Like the shirt, cup, biros and so on. That’s why screen printing will continue to thrive.
3) Recharge Card Business:
You can go into recharge card business and start printing recharge cards t in bulk. You are going to make a good money here if you know how to create values and market your printed recharge cards. Cell phone users in Ghana rapidly increasing fast, Over 70% of Ghanaian Phone users recharge everyday. This shows how huge the business opportunity is.
4) Bulk SMS Business:
A text message is a big revenue earner in the mobile industry today in Ghana and in the diaspora. People love to text and so is money being made by those who are involved in text messaging business. With just 100 Ghc you can start this business. The good news is you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to start this business. With your money, there are two ways you can enter the business. You can either create your own website and sell SMS credit to customers or join an existing bulk SMS business and send the SMS on behalf of your customers.
Bulk SMS also gives you an opportunity to build a customer base of a phone number which you can use to send marketing or product or service.
5) Online Importation Business:
Here, you can start making money importing products that are under $1, and sell them like $2 to $5. Why you should concentrate on product less than one dollar is because these products usually are hot products.
People always demand most of this product every day. Some of the products include accessories, gift product, raining season product eg umbrellas, watches, shoes, wallets etc.
There are so many places you can buy product less than one dollar. Just do searches on Google, you
will definitely find one. But before buying, you have to find out and to make sure the product is not among the contraband, else you’ll lose the product through confiscation when it arrives by the customs service.
6) Internet Business:
Internet business is one vital and in our opinion, the cheapest way to start your own business. Over the years, more and more internet business have been
created. There are several internet businesses, We will be
focusing on two internet business model and the method here require zero capital to start.
i. Affiliate marketing
These are the internet business where you promote a product or service and you share the commission when someone buys or sign up via an affiliate link.
In affiliate marketing, you can promote either digital or physical product.
ii. Information marketing
You can create a 15-30 page or even more than that number and sell it. There are several sites that allow you to sell your information product for free.
One of such website is
Your information product can be used in your blog as a product. Using your blog can give you 100% of profit compare to that of amazon.
iii. Online courses
Selling of online courses has seen its growth since the coming of You’ll need to create a course in the form of short videos with each video explaining one of your course
Using a screen capture software, webcam, smartphone, you can create your courses. One vital
point here is you have to ensure
that your course is highly informative, have a great picture quality and make the sound near perfect to hear.
7) Freelancer:
What ability do you have? It could be you can write articles, edit articles, editing videos, graphic designer, web design, app development and so on. You can be a freelancer and offer your service in exchange for cash.
8) Car Wash:
You can start a car wash business in your area. Many working class people find it difficult to clean
their cars in the morning. You can work with them and negotiate on the among and begin to wash their can every morning.
9) Chicken Dressing Business:
The average households don’t dress their chicken instead they take it to a dresser to dress it for them. All you need is a knife, small table and a mini drum where you’ll boil your water.
10) Laundry:
The business of laundry has seen the increase in popularity due to the increase in the need for the
laundry services. Working class likes to outsource for laundry than to use their spare time to do it by themselves. You don’t need heavy laundry machine to start a laundry business. All you need is detergent, buckets, and robs for drying the clothes. Work with your neighborhood and broadcast about the news.
Strive to deliver your work within the stipulated time frame to build confidence and encourage existing customers to return always.
In Conclusion
Here we go the top 10 business ideas for graduates in Ghana. Many of the business have been picked because it has the lowest form of risk; the business opportunities are there and have little to no capital to start.

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