Body Measurement: Meaning And Importance Of Body Measurement

Body Measurement


Body Measurements Deals With the measurement of body parts. It involves measuring the body width, length and grith and it’s parts in specific areas on the body.

Accurate body measurements are very important for obtaining best result in pattern drafting. Hence body measurements should be taken with great care.

Importance Of Body Measurements:

It is very necessary to take body measurements required for pattern drafting or for garment making for the following reasons:

i. Accurate body measurements is very important in drafting of pattern if the pattern will fit the individual for whom the pattern is drafted.

ii. Accurate body measurements helps to produce garments that are fitted to the body because the way the measurement is taken will determine whether the garment will be tight fitted, semi fitted or oversize/loose fitted.

iii. It helps in reducing fabric or paper waste, especially when body measurements are taken accurately.

iv. Accurate body measurement prevents waste of time and energy that would have been used in pattern alteration and in altering or adjusting garment.

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