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Do you want to start a business in Bangalore? Are you searching for the best profitable business ideas in Bangalore? Do you need ideas on the best business to start in Bangalore? Here on this article you will find out businesses to invest and make profits.
Bangalore is located in the Southeast of the South Indian State of Karnataka, with an estimated population of 11 million plus. The contributing sectors in Bangalore are Education, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation etc.
Start A Business In Bangalore
This is the best time to invest and do business in Bangalore. Bangalore is now offering you many opportunities in key sectors like:

Click on any of the sector that fits your criteria and see list of best business ideas and decide which one of the business to start with.
On the profitable businesses you can invest with the following amounts:

Note: The investment you are making depends on your scale of preference. It can be small scale, medium scale or large scale.
10 Best Business Ideas & Opportunities In Bangalore
Here are successful business opportunities in Bangalore:
1. Music School Business
Many people in Bangalore have interest in music and are looking for tutorials or music lesson centers to get trained. The aim of a music school business is to teach novice on how to play musical instrument as well as improving their singing ability. Start your own music school today and make money.
2. Bakery Business
Bakery products are popular food which is demanded worldwide and it is very advantageous as it allows individuals express their creativity, and earning cash too. You have to identify the type of bakery you want to open either home service, wholesale or bakery food truck. Starting a bakery business is a nice idea that requires business plan, experience, capital, bakery equipments and clear understanding on how to organize your bakery business.
3. Freelancing
Freelancing work is a lucrative business in Bangalore. As the world is becoming more open and globalized, the need for for writers continues to rise. One good thing about a freelancing business is that you can start from home with your laptops, smartphone and book. Freelancing is a self-employed business, you can decide on how to charge your clients either per hour or per word. For you to get continuous work, you must render your services excellently.
4. Taxi Or Cab Services
Taxi services provides easy transportation in Bangalore’s cities, and it is affordable especially for those that don’t have any other means of getting from one place to another.
Starting a taxi cab services is another great business idea in Bangalore as you make money transporting people to their various destinations. Taxi cab business might look simple, you still need a good business strategies before getting started.
5. Cooking Gas Distribution Business
More Bangalorean are beginning to prefer cooking gas for different cooking purposes. As the number of people using cooking gas keeps increasing so as many business opportunities are been created for entrepreneurs who can engage in distributing cooking gas.
Cooking gas business is very lucrative and you can start it with little capital. With all things set up in place you are good to start.
6. Blogging
If you are searching for a way to make money online in Bangalore, then consider starting a blogging business. Although is not a get rich quick business, but it is an investment that requires a long term goals. Starting a blog is not an expensive venture, it is one of the businesses that requires low investment. You can make money with your blog through Affiliate marketing, Selling Ads, Information marketing, etc.
7. Health Clinic Center
There is a popular quote that says “Health Is Wealth”, which is true. Every person wants to stay healthy. So there is no doubt that starting a health clinic business is a profitable venture. However, there are things to consider before starting up a health clinic center and they are: Capital, Market analysis, Feasibility study, Type of health clinic to start, Experience, Business registration, Staffing, Equipments, etc. Once all this are considered, you can now start your health clinic business, Endeavour to render quality services to your clients.
8. Agriculture
Agriculture has been the major source of income and back bone supporting the economy. Starting an agricultural business in Bangalore is very profitable and it is beyond farming, rearing of animals or planting crops. The advantages of agricultural venture has yielded lots of profits and have created successful farmers worldwide & within.
Bangalore is currently growing in it’s agricultural sector, It is advisable for investors or business starters to invest in agriculture and make profits.
9. Soap Making Business
Soap is a daily used products, There is no household you won’t find soap, even at hospitals, offices, schools etc. That is to tell you how lucrative soap making business can be. Soap making business is a lucrative venture to engage in, it can be toilet soap, laundry soap, washing soap or bathing soap. The competition is high, but when your production are unique and have good quality, you can make it to the top.
10. Barbing Salon
It has been recorded that barbing salon business is one of the trending businesses in Bangalore. There is great choice for entrepreneurs to consider this business because the startup cost is not too expensive, and beside it is one of the most consistent business as people tend to barb the hair almost on daily basis. The basic requirements for setting up a barbing salon business are: Training, Shop, Decorating your shop, Business registration, Buying the needed tools & equipments, etc, With all the requirements in place, you are good to start.

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