How To Start A Lucrative Beans Farming In Nigeria

Beans farming in Nigeria is a lucrative business with lots of opportunities. Beans as a food is among the top 5 most consumed food in Nigeria. Nigerian land is suitable for growing any crops. Growing beans in Nigeria is a Profitable idea. Beans farmers in Nigeria can’t even meet up with the high demand of beans across the country, which create more space for new beans farmers to emerge.
So if you are interested in starting beans farming in Nigeria? Do you need information on how to grow beans in Nigeria? After going through this article, you will get a satisfactory answer to those questions. Before we go to the main article, let’s share the problems & challenges faced by beans farmers, benefits of beans and reasons to invest in beans farming.
Problems And Challenges Of Beans Farming In Nigeria
1. The beans seedlings may fail to emerge.
2. Problems of low fertility.
3. Leaf diseases may affect the beans leaf.
4. The diseases of the roots and stem may occur.
5. Pests like groundnut aphid, bean stem maggot, bug & beetle may damage the plantlets.
Possible Solutions: Ensure pest and disease control, and there should be effective weed control. Plant resistant cultivars or disease free seed (You should plant early in order to avoid aphid penetration).
Benefits Of Beans
What are the benefits of beans? Here are the benefits beans can offer:
1. Beans is a source of protein.
2. Beans has several vital nutrients like the folate. It is good for pregnant women, as it prevent neural tube defects in fetus.
3. According to some research “It stated that beans can lower cholesterol”.
4. Beans reduces the risk of cancer.
5. Beans can help in losing weight.
Reasons To Invest In Beans Farming In Nigeria
1. Beans are very high in demand, both at markets, homes, schools, eateries, restaurants, hotels etc.
2. Unlike most of the crops, beans grows very fast.
3. Beans has lots of health benefits to individuals.
4. Beans has an economic importance of providing proteins to the consumers.
Beans Producing States In Nigeria
Here are the list of top 5 beans producing states in Nigeria:
1. Zamfara
2. Sokoto
3. Kano
4. Borno
5. Gombe
How Lucrative Is Beans Farming In Nigeria:
Beans farming in Nigeria is very lucrative to start, and the market demand is high. It is widely consumed by Nigerians. If you can take much of your time and visit restaurant’s, hotel’s and any eateries, you will notice that beans is among the top 3 demand food, it usually comes in mixture of beans & rice, beans & yam, beans & potato, beans and plantain. This is to show you that beans farming is a lucrative venture.
These are step by step guide on how to start beans farming in Nigeria:
(1) Good Location And Farmland: When starting a beans farm, Choose a good farmland, beans don’t need a waterlogged land, the land should be moderate. Although the soil for planting beans depends on the type of beans.
Ensure that the land is free of acidity (salty land), because beans have the faculty of sensation towards salt. Prepare the land for growing the beans, make sure the weeds and the roots are cleared off and burnt, Then loosen the soil (ploughing).
(2) Get The Seeds: There are different varieties of beans in Nigeria like white beans, red beans, black beans, soybeans, kidney beans and many other varieties of beans. Variety of beans suitable for beans farming in Nigeria are the white beans, cowpeas & the red beans. You just have to select the right seeds you will used for farming. Now buy the seeds, ensure that the seed are of good quality and avoid damaged seed.
(3) Planting: The bean seeds should be planted on rows or block and should be planted with 4 to 6 inches apart, cover the plantlets with the surface soil, and water the ground regular until the sprout can be seen (But don’t waterlogged the soil). Once is time for weeding, it has to be properly done to avoid damaging the roots. Fertilize the soil for more nutrients.
(4) Harvesting Your Beans: It takes 65 to 95 days after planting the seeds for the beans to reach it’s harvest. The beans are harvested by pulling the pods carefully from the vines or snapping it off the vine end. Now your beans are ready, market them to make good profits.
Agriculture has major roles to play in the country. Beans farming in Nigeria is worth any investment. If you have any intention of starting a beans farming, you should go ahead and start it, for it is very profitable!!!.

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