Apps That Will Help You In Business Automation

Apps That Will Help You In Business Automation

To make something extraordinary and reach your expected outcome, you require specific applications and need to comprehend how to utilize them for your business. We understand you carry limited funding, so the applications you select need to be of significant use that will support you to get your tasks done efficiently.

Don’t worry about encountering the ideal application that will help you in your business. Choose the platform that works for your budget, and link them with easy business automation software. Combining key applications with each other via automation increases your firm’s efficiency without any waste of time on additional back-and-forth jobs.

In the current business world automation is the reality of life. It is not just limited to large companies, as many small enterprises are integrating automation into their day-to-day workflows. 

Each and everything from capturing the business details and consumer service, to regular everyday office activities, benefit from the process of automation. Business automation is advancing so that owners can spend their time on the more important tasks and big-picture thinking that will extend their business. You can check out what kind of business can I start in Uganda with a capital of one million

Apps That Will Help You In Business Automation

Best Apps for Business Automation

With thousands of automation applications available out there and more being invented then and now, we brought you the list of best applications that will help your business in automation – 

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With this Quu tool, you get to automate content research and marketing. The software automates the procedure by cautioning you about the quality content that fits your niche. You will get everyday alert notifications to articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos. 

The content is divided into 3 types, Discovery, Hand-Curated, and Pods by Quu. Content marketing is a fundamental element of business growth, you require to aim for uniqueness as there’s tons of parallel content out there.

With the proper content approval tools, you could take your content and marketing strategy to the whole next level, and rise above your competition.

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Activebatch is a mobile application that is developed to simplify automated workflows. The architecture aids tweets, email, FTP file events, message queues, and many more. You will also get the advantage of task integration and scheduling with ServiceNow.

These integrations allow you to automate ticketing operations. With the usefulness of APIs, you get to connect to different apps, servers, and services with comfort. As well as with activebatch you could access in-depth modeling and monitoring features.


Using this businesses can organize their entire data in one single place. You will all the features that you can find in any data storing application and it’s very easy for people to use. It is simple to record business data related to accounts, inventory, debits and credits, withdrawals, and many other details. 

Lio will help you in monitoring your customer buying habits as well as the performance of your staff. It is available in 10+ languages, making it accessible to a wide range of people. You get to import the data in the app from an excel file. Lio is a perfect app for working together with your team as you get to collaborate with people in the same document.

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Using this app you understand insights about your sales, expenditures, performance, and more. This mobile application makes it easy to consolidate your business data and there are features for data synchronization and protection as well. 

Apps That Will Help You In Business Automation


Social media presence for every business is very essential in modern times. It is a prominent way of knowing your clients and customers and understanding their habits and needs. But it could be tough to perpetuate a regular social media presence when there are many other needs while running a business process automation.

Buffer application automates all of this procedure. It includes creating social media campaigns, posting, and publishing. Ensure that you post your articles and creatives at a suitable time of day to maximize your reach.


MailChimp is an email marketing application, that businesses use to create eminent email marketing plans. The application comes with a bunch of various analytical components, using Mailchimp is easy and it helps you to keep in touch with consumers and bring you leads. 

MailChimp is a perfect option if you’re scrutinizing for an email marketing means to get started. The free version lets you have around 2000 subscribers, and send 1200 emails every month. 

You can utilize it to make ad campaigns, and profit from automation workflows. You get to track your campaigns and operate from the mobile application to send emails to desired people from anywhere.


This outstanding customer service app lets you automate large chunks of consumer service work. Many customer service queries are based on a routine and can be easily automated, with the help of applications like Zendesk.

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It will systematize all customer inquiries, identifying the ones that can be cracked easily and simplifying the procedure. This will assist in freeing up customer service staff with the issues that need not much attention and time.

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