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Advertising In Business Studies: Meaning And Types Of Advertising In Business Studies

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Advertising
  • Types Of Advertising
  • Informative Advertising
  • Persuasive Advertising
  • Competitive Advertising
  • Specific Advertising

What Is Advertising?
Meaning>> Advertising is a means whereby the existence of new goods is brought to the knowledge of the public. In other words, Advertising is the business of giving information about a product to the public. It is used to create awareness for a particular product.
Advertising informs, educates and peruades people to buy the advertised goods and services preference to those of others. When advertising a product, the manufacturer wants prospective buyer or use to know th type of products available, the quality of the products and the price.
Types Of Advertising
There are four types of advertising:
1. Informative Advertising
2. Persuasive Advertising
3. Competitive Advertising
4. Specific Advertising
1. Informative Advertising: This is a kind of advertising which is aimed at disseminating information that will let consumers know what goods and services that are available. There are many products in the market and people may not be aware of them. Informative advertising informs the public about the existence of a product.
2. Persuasive Advertising: This is a type of advertising which tries to convince customers to buy a particular brand of a product as being different from other brands. A salemen may bring a product and demonstrate it’s uses to the potential customer. It could be given away at a reduced produced price or free. It is usually believed that a trial may convince the buyer.
Manufacturers of household goods such as beverages mostly use persuasive advertising to create interest in their product.
3. Competitive Advertising: This type of advertising is mostly aimed at getting consumers to shift interest from one product to another brand by another producer. Manufacturers of goods in the same lines of business use competitive advertising to draw the attention of consumers from other products to their own.
4. Specific Advertising: Specific advertising provides information especially in some lines of goods or a particular brand which is unique in nature to a certain group of people.

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