Advantages And Disadvantages Of ICT

Advantages & Disadvantages Of ICT

Today i will explain to you the advantage and disadvantage that is in ICT. so take our time to read and uderstand.

Benefits Of ICT

Information access and improved communication capacity provide significant advantages for society.

Below are some benefits of ICT;

(1) The program has helped improve the lives of people.

(2) It allows you to gain access to information and know-how less expensive, faster, and more timely.

(3) (3) It can be utilized to expand educational possibilities.

(4) In the Internet age, distances are no longer an issue for business.

(5) The site also allows access to resources like experts, mentors, researchers, professionals, and mentors worldwide.

(6) It brings about digital literacy, which consists of functional, visual, scientific-technological, and global awareness. This leads to an effective way of thinking and reasoning and increased productivity.

(7) It’s timely, better, more affordable, and quicker access to information and knowledge.

(8) It provides access to vast information from various areas.

(9) This allows users to communicate via video, email, fax, conference, etc.

(10) It helps to make learning and the learning process simple.

(11) It improves access to online shopping from any region of the world.

(12) distance learning is facilitated.

(13) It’s an online social network that allows chat or surfing, e.g., Facebook, 2go, and YouTube.

(14) (14) It’s transformed the world into a global village since communication has become more efficient.

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(15) ICT reduces operational costs.

(16) The student can view the results and sign up for exams such as NECO, SSCE, and JAMB on the Internet.

(17) It opens up job opportunities.

(18) It allows humans to communicate quickly and easily.

(19) It allows access to various information across different areas.

(20) It accelerates transaction processing.

(21) Instructional tools: computers are excellent tools for designing attractive and pertinent classes for students.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of ICT

(22) Immediate feedback: With computers, learning outcomes are instantaneous. Students can track their growth as they know new abilities.

(23) ICT helps students gain confidence in their learning: Students become more comfortable and confident in using technology by integrating it into their learning environments.

(24) Increased learning opportunities: Poor students who might not be able to pay for the expense of a field trip to a particular place may benefit from accessing it via the Internet and computer and primarily via Encarta.

Disadvantages Of ICT

The drawbacks/disadvantages of ICT include:

(1) It can lead to job loss.

(2) It can also lead to financial abuses and fraud.

(3) False and misleading information.

(4) computer Viruses and worms Trojans spam, malware and phishing. All or all of them can cause havoc and disrupt our life.

(5) ICT tools may not be affordable for everyone. It could be too costly for some.

(6) Immoral and Pornographic websites exist that could corrupt the youth and vulnerable minds.

(7) Stealing intellectual property.

(8) Cyber-terrorism is “the application of computer network tools to stop crucial infrastructures in the country (such as transportation, energy or government functions) or to intimidate or intimidate a government agency or civilian populace.

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(9) It threatens other areas of human endeavor, and criminals consider it a venue for their illegal criminal activities.

(10) Identity theft is one of the types of fraud that involves using another person’s identity to steal money or get other benefits.

(11) Unidentified people could attack. This is referred to as hacking.

(12) The constant use of computers can lead to problems with health, such as neck pain, eye pain, and back pain.

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